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Her Intentions Tell You Just What to Do with Her

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Women are constantly putting things you say into categories. They are looking at what you say not only for content but for what you’re trying to get across too.

  • “He said that because he’s trying to show off that he’s smart.”
  • “He told me that because he’s trying to get me alone.”

Most guys are unaware of this layer of communication, which leads to them making clumsy mistakes. But I’m not writing this article to talk about the clumsy mistakes you might be making in conversation, I’m writing this article for you to learn how to look at conversations the same way a woman does.


Adding this layer will make it easier for you to see why women say some of the things they do. It will also help you give a woman exactly what she wants, when she wants it (which is the fastest way to get what you want). At the end of this article, I share a painful story that was the catalyst for me writing this.

William GuptaAbout the Author: William Gupta

A mixed race (black and Indian) U.S.-born seducer with a dash of wanderlust, William Gupta has lived in the U.K. and throughout the United States. He is well versed both in meeting girls during the daytime in a variety of venues, as well as at night. When he's not meeting women on the street, in cafés, in libraries, or in bars, William performs as an improv comedy artist, up on stage.


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