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Girls Chase News: Comments, Colt's Program, & More

Howdy, gents,

A few quick updates on the site so you're all patched in:

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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Troy's picture

Chase -

Hello and goodbye to you my friend (well at least from the comments alone ). Its really sad to see you go so soon. This reminds me of your article on scarcity. Take whatever you can get while it's still in front of you. Dont wait till its gone before you take action. I am glad i took action to comment on here and received advice from you guys. It's been almost one year now that i have been commenting on here, with about 100 comments from me alone, you replying to about 80 of them. thats a lot of hours you have invested in helping me out, not to mention you writing two articles using my comments. I really appreciate what you have done for me and i will never forget that. I cant thank you enough. All your advice has helped me grow to a better person.

Chase, i will really miss your presence on the comments, with tears in my eyes ( real men arent afraid to cry, within reason ). Keep doing the best work on Girls Chase. I thank you for all the help and value you have provided to me.

And of course,Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to you just_dave. Its great to see you on here. I hope to see you on here a long time. Cheers bone appati! Do feel comfortable replying to us here and i hope you enjoy this experience as we learn from you.

Chase, but it would have been less of a shock if you had said this in advance that you were done with comments. I dont know how busy you are because in a few articles you talk persons would think you have free time, and never work if they met you. I had no idea that a website was so hard to manage. Im just curious to know. How much work do you have to do to run girlschase besides writing articles, answering comments, and making sure everyone does their work? What other things do you spend your time doing as leisure time? And do you still have your hands tied with running other businesses other than girlschase? Just curious.

I kind of saw this coming about two months ago when you took over 2 weeks to reply to comments, when that never occured. I knew something was wrong, and because of that, i posted 10 comments on the most recent articles on here waiting for a reply. Out of them all, i have two comments that need special attention. They are on the articles:

"What role should women play in the mating game" the topic - Family


"True Freedom Means Many Weak Ties and Few Strong Ones" the topic - Social Circle vs. Cold Approach and Changing Environments

....but i guess it wouldnt be fair for all the other guys comments before mine to go ignored just so i could get a reply. And on your side of the story, you, chase, are busy and strapped for time so it would just suck up your time. I understand you need your time too, that you cant use so much time everyweek to reply to comments that anyone in the entire world has some amount of control over you. To take up your time while offering little or nothing in return. That would just leave you at the mercy of anyone out there. It's stressful and time consuming for you. For you Chase, answering emails is not work, its just keeping you and us readers connected but it doesnt pay the bills. Well, your bills at least, and you need to gain just as much as us readers gain.
o taking off answering comments would give you 8 extra hours every week to get more work done, relax and get back full time into enjoying the activities love, and give you more time for yourself. I totally understand. to devote a few hours of your life to email. I have the same problem with me being strapped for time with going to school 8 hours, sleeping for 8 hours, going to the gym for 2 hours, spending, 2 hours on public transport everyday, studying 2 hours everyday, and just having the bare 2 hours left in my day to socialize. That's 24 hours gone already and im sure that with all your work, leisure, and socializing time, that goes up a lot more with you short on time to answer emails. I understand.

Still, Chase, a lot of comments before this article were addressed to you and the other writers. Could you please if you feel even the slighest of empathy, to reply to the comments from where you left off, all the way up to this article? Us readers love what you do here. I love what you do here. Its sad to see this happen. We would all appreciate it if you replyed to the comments before this article, if it doesnt trouble you one last time in the slighest manner? Thank you in advance.

But, Chase, you said you cant reply to comments. Does that mean the other writers wont be replying to comments because they are just as busy? Thank you for the reply in advance. I will greatly miss your presence on the comments, everyone will. I wish you all the best in your work now that you have 8 hours more for yourself.



David Riley's picture

Hello Troy,

Thanks for the welcomes. Please be advised that Chase and the other writers aren't completely removing themselves from answering the comments. Actually, if I feel a question really pertains to the author, I'll direct them to the comment. Overall, like you mentioned many authors are indeed busy some are in school and others are at work. I'm here to give immediate hope to commentators and assist where need be. I'm also taking account of article suggestions too. Chase has done a lot for all of us in the community and he's building up new leaders everyday.

Take care,

Just Dave

Danny's picture

Hey Chase i was wondering if you could make an article on controling your erection with your mind.. is it even possile ??

Anonymous's picture

Why would you want to waste a good hard-on? :-P Personally, I find it hard to go flaccid once I start getting a hard-on, because for one thing, it's pressing against my underwear and my leg, which is only stimulating me and making me even more aroused. And I'm usually getting a hard-on because I see a hot girl, and all I can think of is fucking her.

And considering for a time I was ill for months and was no longer waking up with morning wood, I was very happy months later to start getting morning wood again. So, I'd rather walk around with a hard-on, thinking naughty thoughts about all the girls I see and all the nasty things I want to do to them than worry about getting it back down. Then again, I wear slim jeans so it's a little hard to tell unless she looks very closely.

But I have noticed one thing. If you want to instantly stop being aroused, find something that scares you. I was going at it hard in the shower one time when I almost lost my balance. I had to catch myself or I would have slipped. I noticed instantly that I stopped being aroused. It's actually a biological response in males and part of the reason we fuck standing while the woman is on her back or hands and knees. We were in danger back in the caveman days of being attacked by wild animals or humans while we fucked as this was us at our most vulnerable. As men, we can fight so we we developed the ability to take ourselves out of sexual arousal mode and into flight or fight mode.

Women, on the other hand, are too weak to fight and lack the instinct to know when to lunge and attack. That's why men fight, so women don't have to. Women will continue to be aroused even in great danger. They cannot switch it off like men can. Biologically, there is really no need. And to think of what Colt said about rape fantasies, maybe the guy kills the attacker or the attacker kills the guy. Now, there's a naked, horny woman waiting for someone to finish the job.

Survival back in the days was brutal. So, from a evolutionary standpoint, women did not need to have biological switch that instantly turns off that arousal mechanism.

I believe some scientists somewhere actually did brain scans of men and women during sexual arousal and fear to verify what I just described.

Not that I need a brain scan to tell me the obvious...

David Riley's picture

To both commentators you've both raised good and interesting points. The benefit of an article on controlling your erection would be.

*Whisky Dick, having sex even when feeling tipsy.
*Fatigue from too much, going through the pain and plowing a girl anyway.

I know way too many guys who've told me of missed opportunities from not fucking a girl because they couldn't control their erection in a given circumstance.


You bring up a good point about controlling your erections with the proper mindset. I'll make a note of this and pass it onto the authors.

Take care,

Just Dave

Danny's picture

Yeah thanks Dave, coz actually sometimes its happened to me where i start penetrating a girls vagina with a rock solid erection, and like 30 seconds or a minute into the sex i just loose it, although i think its because when i having the sex i think to much about giving the girl an orgasm instead of just enjoying and having fun with out worrying about her.. i think its kind of complicated but anyway, now i just try to not think about her and not care if i cum quickly or not, but i want to learn how to control my erections and get them when i please and swith off when i please thanks.

The M's picture

Hi Chase and Dave,

Chase: I was impressed that you replied to every comment for so long! There's definitely a lot of repetition there. But I'm really glad that Dave will be answering things now - when the comment replies start rolling in, it's like Christmas time! :)

Thanks for all the great answers over the past year and a half - I've learned a lot from all of your replies.

Dave: I'm really looking forward to getting to know your style and receiving your advice!

The M

P.S. The mini-picture for Alek's article "What Should Your Standards Be..." is missing - thought you should know!

J's picture

Chase, are you still going to answer the questions before you made the announcement of letting dave answer questions? And you might still have to answer a lot of questions because we ask about other things besides dating and you have so many years of experience. Things from social life, business, emotions, certain ways to handle girls that you only know, etc. I've seen dave on here answering questions, but it's only a few from a few articles. So I hope you'll answer those?


David Riley's picture

Hey J,

I'll let Chase know and see what his response will be.


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