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Get Rock-Solid Frame Control with the Women You Like, Guaranteed

Chase Amante

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By: Chase Amante

frame controlFrame control is an incredibly necessary thing for you to master, both internally and externally, for finding success with women. Guys that have it get their way with girls. Guy who don't get steamrolled by girls. You see it go both ways every day.

If it feels like an intangible topic, it isn't. Rather than going into specific definitions (we'll get into that in a bit), let me give you some examples of what we're talking about. A guy's got control of the frame when he:

  • Gets a girl who's hemming and hawing to stop doing that and come with him
  • Takes a girl who's trying to act coy and aloof and excites and intrigues her enough to make her chase him
  • Nimbly deflects jealous friends trying to derail or interfere with his progress with their cute friend
  • Shrugs off women's attempts to throw him off-balance, by being overtly sexual or overly rude, and remains calm, in control, and attractive

On the other hand, a guy's relinquished control of the frame when he:

  • Buckles to a woman's insistent demands
  • Revokes his request for a woman to comply with his desires before she's done so
  • Allows others to interrupt or derail him
  • Gets flustered and off-balanced by a woman's tests

The average woman tends to be much more talented at frame control than the average man. And here's why that's not good for the average man:

Frame control is how you lead decisively, remain calm and attractive, and above all, get what you want.

If you aren't able to control the frame, you aren't able to get what you want with women, and women don't want men who can't get what they want. It's a cruel world, but without frame control, women will push and push a man -- right up until they push him out of contention for them.


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