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Don't Let a Bad Rejection Ruin Your Night Out

bad rejection
Sometimes a girl rejects you much harsher than she needed to. If you let it, this can ruin your night. Yet, it does not need to.

One of the things you are not going to avoid while learning success with women is the occasional tough rejection.

Maybe she freaked out unnecessarily.

Maybe she said something that felt like a knife shoved in your sternum.

Either way, it sucks when a girl rejects you, especially when it comes out of the blue and is tactlessly delivered. But what if I were to tell you that the water runs deep on this issue and everything is not as it appears? What if you could completely turn around the way you see rejection?

Denton FisherAbout the Author: Denton Fisher

Hailing from Las Vegas, Denton’s leaved and breathed pickup in a quest to become the best. His focus is on bars, nightclubs, and other nightlife environs, and he’s taught numerous students in the field to get results with girls.

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John mondescent's picture

I have to read these sarcastically to shrug off all the implications - very thoughtful though.

Bret's picture

Hi Denton,

Great mindset article. I believe Chase has labeled these type of rejections as "hard rejections". These are rare in my experience, but can really damper your mood depending on how harsh the rejection is. I've had a girl literally shove me as hard as she could with my friends watching in the background. Also, I've gotten "can you not fucking talk to me" (ouch). These type of memorable experiences have built up my armor and I am now better adept at handling these type of situations. The tips that you gave are really insightful, loved the short story about the Cherokee Indian and the meditation technique. Thanks.


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