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The 7 Key Qualities in Men Women Want

It’s a question as old as the art of seduction itself: what do women want? Legions of men out there have spent long, lonely nights – following a rejection or disappointing night outing – pondering this question.

men women want

So… really, what do women want? Well, luckily for you, one of the things at the top of their list is a quality man. And what do they look for? What defines the men women want? Today I’m going to outline the 7 key qualities that all women (but especially the most high-value ones) look for in a man.

Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world. You can book phone coaching with him here, or get a copy of his guide to getting laid on Tinder, the product of months of study and experimentation by him on the medium.


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Petr's picture

Hi, Colt
Just wanted to ask you if this can be good topic to talk about with girls? I think if we talk about one of these qualities it is good if at the end she will think that she wants someone like that but also sees as as one of those who possess this kind of trait.
But overall, if I would get into a conversation with a girl about what the roles in society is for men and women and paint a picture from her point of view, would it be a good tool to make myself look like "I get it"? I am not really sure if I can direct conversation the way I described, so she sees me this way and not to potentially blow up in my face and assure her that I am just some regular guy. I talked about this once with one lady, how I think women have it harder but with one great benefit, that current social media provide them with all these men who like their photos and videos and wish them good luck and such things that it is almost impossible not to feel desired. Which is one of those things women want. So she told me that many other guys do not see it this way, so I said I am not like other guys and I guess she saw it too. But I realized how easy it is for women to lose respect for you, to just change her mind about you at the end with this girl.

I just wanted to ask if it is good topic for me to present myself as "not like the other guys".


Colt Williams's picture


I think that this is definitely a topic that you can discuss with women. I think that one of the best ways to go about it is to point out a guy on the street or on tv or in a restaurant or wherever and say "Look, let me tell you something about this guy. This is a regular guy who's probably going out, talking to women and thinking that they want X. It's really a shame. Because what a select few actually know is what women really want is..." And then launch into one of these points as you see fit. And if you really do it in a confident "I don't need your approval because I'm right" kind of way, it'll really show that you are a guy who "gets it." So certainly try it out!



Balla's picture

Hey Colt, do you think you can make an article on black guy game? Like good black guy game and bad black guy game? Thanks

Colt Williams's picture


First off you should read my post on black guys sleeping with white girls (which really applies to all girls) and if you still want me to do another one, let me know. Thanks!


Ray's picture

"One of the saddest occurrences in the world is not a man’s death, but a man living without purpose. The great paradox of the seduction game is the fact that the easiest way to get women is to make sure that they are never your top priority." - This explains why I used to have more attention from women when I was younger, more so than I do now. I was focusing on doing the things that I wanted to do and letting them come with me. They weren't the centre of my world. It's taken me a while to realise that and now I'm slowly trying to get that back.

Colt Williams's picture


I think not caring so much about women is so much easier when we're younger because we are constantly bombarded by activities and women are everywhere. But when you get older, you have less time and are under more pressure from society to get your act together and get on the road to marriage, so a lot of guys focus so much more on women. Also, freedom can be a killer as well. Adult men are really free to approach women whenever and wherever, but many think that society says that it's "not allowed" so they never learn to overcome their approach anxiety Then a select few choose to actively improve their skills and understand women -- a process by which a man inevitably changes as a human being, and starts to realize that he focus on his purpose more than simply getting another notch on his bedpost. You'll definitely get back there.

all the best,


mr rob's picture

I think you answered my last question about seduction being the top priority in life and I see how that fits in.

Cool how you subtly threw that in. Perhaps if I wasn't so socially adroit I would've missed it. ;)

Happy Holidays Amigo.


Colt Williams's picture

I am glad that I answered your question and I appreciate your social adroitness Rob! Happy New Year.


Anonymous's picture

Well, then how many friends is enough? I have 2 good friends and then couple of those from high school that I see like twice a year. And then some that I play sports with but not many that I would hang out with. I in college, I have friends in class, but my guess would be you mean to have established social circle so you have friends for parties, sports, trips, gym, those for "more serious situations". My cousine has all these girlfriends she hangs out with, school, basketball team, closest frieds and she basically cant stay home because she would get crazy. If I am introverted and not that social, is it really that bad?

Colt Williams's picture


There's absolutely nothing wrong with being introverted! All women care about is that you have at least *a couple* friends. It sounds like you have a couple really close friends and that you do a lot with your time, and that's really all that matters! Be you and live on my friend!


A's picture

Good stuff!

The 4 points about what women don't like. I think the same goes for men. At least for me:)
I just broke up with my girl. And come to think of it - why?

#1 I can't really blame her for constant complaints, but there were some every now and then. I guess it's normal. But... onto the next point.

#3 The Pedestal - she kept telling me how there was no other like me and how I was the sexiest and the smartest and she loved me even with my flaws. For a while it felt good because unlike hot chicks, men don't hear that one every day. But after a while it just lost its power. Just felt fake. Like she was trying to say that just to have me stick around for whatever she was planning with me. Logically there is always someone sexier and smarter than you. Plus it was her first long term relationship(3yrs) so it felt like she was not in a position to give even remotely objective assessment.

#3 No Friends - I still can't figure out how I missed that one. I mean she didn't have any friends that she could open up to and share her personal troubles and stuff like that. Not a single one. Just guys that she told me were her friends(haha:)). Orbiters really. They always give you that jelaous you-bastard-i-ve-been-white-knighting-her-for-ages-and-now-you-just-come-and-take-her look. I asked her about it few times and she just said that women are superficial and bitchy and gossiping creatures.

#4 Neediness - her levels of clingyness were from a different universe. Not funny.


Brian15's picture

I started reading this site a few months ago and it has definitely improved my confidence and understanding with girls. I still have yet to have a lot of success, but with more practice and time I know it will come.
Keep up the great advice!

Colt Williams's picture


With time and practice success is inevitable. That is a great attitude and thank you for your kinds words!


J's picture

Hey guys Merry Christmas, I got a quick question why are women constantly on their phones, i kno alot of them arent but i dont understand what could they be doing on there sometimes i get discoureged in trying to talk to them cause i dont have their full attention do you guys know some reasons on why girls appear on there phones. Thanks and Happy Holidays :)

Colt Williams's picture


A lot of women are in need of constant stimulation -- especially socially/emotionally. So they are usually texting their friends about guys or the random happenings of the day or how bored they are. And sometimes they're just playing Candy Crush.

So don't feel intimidated to approach a goal if she's looking at her phone. It's just a front -- trust me. And if you're actually out with her and she gets on it, just playfully call her on it. "Oh, I see I guess I'm not stimulating enough for you. I suppose I'll just go home." or sometimes I'll call a girl's phone while I'm with her and say "This is important, so I'd thought I'd call you so you'd really listen."

The point is to just have fun with it and realize that they're just on their phones because they have nothing better to do. Get after it!


Marty's picture

Hello Colt,

This is a great reminder, and very useful checklist, of seven important aspects of being a better man in general, as well as more attractive to women! Thank you.

I'd be the last person to wish to offer constructive feedback, but I wondered if you could go into a little more detail on #4? Unlike for the other six qualities, there are no cross-referencing links to articles, and your use of the phrase "get it" borders on glibness—who knows what informative treasures might lurk between those two short words? ☺

A brief description of the "subtext" you speak about would be immensely helpful!

Thanks again,

Drew's picture

This is by far the realist shxt I've ever read in the internet age. Thanks.

Colt Williams's picture

Haha what a high compliment Drew! Thank you sir.

Johnny 's picture

Can you give some examples of being comfortable in your own skin? To me it's sort of an abstract thing and I really want to hone this one.

-Thank you

Anonymous's picture

Hey Colt, i feel like you really nailed it on this article. I think you covered over many of my doubts and questions, and I am definitely going to be reading this frequently to get it programmed into my mind. So thanks for a great article!

Anonymous's picture

Create a great "cake of a life" and invite a really great woman to the the "icing." A healthy woman will want nothing more. An unhealthy woman will want you to be you her "cake."
Connect with guy friends,
Pursue your passions,
Lean into challenge.
Get strenuous exercise.

Anonymous's picture

Good stuff Colt!

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