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The 3 Biggest Sexual Issues that Stop Men Being Good in Bed

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Note from Chase: this is a guest post from David Carreras, a sex coach who goes by the nickname Mr. Manpower. His topic today is men’s three (3) biggest sexual issues... and what you may do to overcome them. Here’s David.

I am not considered the most attractive of men.

While my facial features have been characterized as “handsome”, I’m only 5’7”, and I am bald as well (luckily, I’m a good dresser, and at least somewhat muscular). Not exactly the perfect example of tall, dark, and handsome.

However, thanks to powerful sexual knowledge I’ve amassed over the years, I now know I’m able to get the job done when I bring a woman home, I can approach the sexiest of women anywhere, and deep down, I know that I can control that sexy goddess all with the push of a button (literally).

All of this makes me intriguing to women... they often wonderwhat does he have... why is he so sure of himself?... there’s something there”.

I wasn’t always like this, though... as a matter of fact, I used to suffer pretty badly from performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, and having no idea how to get a woman off.

Luckily, the following techniques helped me gain control in each of these areas, giving some backbone to my “game”.

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Anyone 's picture

So how exactly do you grind your pelvis against her clit, do you rub side to side, is this different from coital alignment technique?

David Carreras's picture

Yes, it's different than the CAT technique.. What I've noticed with the CAT technique is that it doesn't usually provide a rough enough stimulation. It's a similar idea though. Rub hard and close into the clitoris with fat pat / pelvis area just above the base of the penis. Do this SWIFTLY (very swiftly actually), both on the in- and out-stroke, and don't let up the pressure.

Ever see how women get themselves off on top? It's a fast back-and-forth... not an in and out motion. Try and replicate this.

fun's picture

What I take away from the article is that one should try quite forceful clitoral stimulation, which by intuition might seem hurtful at first glance.

Is the position you suggest similar to "adapted missionary"?
How do you support yourself? I guess it`s not your whole body that moves swiftly, but only the pelvis area?

A video would be much apreciated. Actors could wear clothes and heads would not have to be visible, so it`s neither x-rated nor embarrassing for the performers. It would not have to be professional at all. Just funny and illustrating the movements.

Seems like some testing is due. ;-) Thank you for sharing information regarding this sensitive topic.

Randall's picture

With this pubic back and forth won't your pubic hair irritate her clit?

bbh377's picture

I think you were missing the whole point of the stop start technique.
The finale goal is to learn how to "tolerate" and control your ejaculation by decreasing and increasing your arousal during sex.
You are not supposed to completely stop while having sex.
You do the stops while you practice...

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