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Elite Eye Contact

Chase Amante

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Every guy new to the social arts works on his eye contact. He practices holding eye contact, maintaining it even in the face of social pressure from others who continue to hold eye contact back. He learns the importance of maintaining eye contact while speaking with and listening to others. He learns not to shift his eyes around from eye to eye while looking at someone else.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Randy's picture

Can you describe the half step in a different way? maybe even post a video on it? i am not understanding it. thanks

Anonymous's picture

I think chase means that u notice them looking at you while looking away yourself. As u start to meet their gaze you pause "halfway" before making eye contact, then continue and look back at them.

Anonymous's picture

I think he means that you should look at the ground half way between you and her, making he think that your looking at the obstscles to get to her, then looking back at her will make her think shes worth those obstacles to you. But thats my novice opinion, worst comes to worst you can pull a george clooney signature move: were he looks away for a couple seconds and look back squinting slightly and say something either dead seriously or very witty (I feel the witty works better but thats situational).

joshfrost's picture

i think he should go into eye contact more and describe half steps a little better

infernova's picture

Half steps, as Chase explains, are when you notice someone's looking at you out of your peripheral vision. From wherever you were looking at the time, draw a straight line in the air to the person you want to meet eyes with. Follow that line and stop halfway for a second, then keep going and lock gazes. It's simple yet very effective, cheers for the info Chase!

Luminate's picture

Can someone clarify half steps to me? I read the other comments and they are rather confusing. I read it about 10 times still a little confusing lol. thanks for the help :)

Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase,

You have a lot of brilliant content on this site, but I find that all the bits of advice I read are hard to recall later - usually I can only remember the advice from a couple articles at a time. I think part of this is that while the articles do a brilliant job of explaining your advice and providing excellent examples, at the end of the day what I want to remember is all of the little highlighted phrases you have scattered across your articles. For example, you often talk about mastering fundamentals - I would like to just have an on-hand quick list of what those fundamentals are - while you go into each of them in depth in various articles, there is no single centralized compilation of all your advice. Is there any chance you could provide some sort of outline or super condensed version of your advice, almost like something that can be put on flashcards and just drilled and memorized? I know I would find it extremely helpful to be able to pull out that handy-dandy list and pick a few things on it to focus on just before I enter my next conversation.

All the best,

Anonymous's picture

So i used to have horrible eye contact, never looked anyone in the eyes always "scanned" nervously. since reading a few post i forced my self to practice and i now feel confortable looking at people in the eyes. still having problem with the looking away/ intense staring. extra tips on that would be nice but my real question is. when walking around(say grocery shopping/anywhere in a straight line) and when standing around in a group of people where am i supposed to look? i always feel off when this situations happen. like i dont know where to look. also tips on making my glances less "intense/theatning would be nice.

Charles's picture

What if you look her in the eyes. The slowly close your eyes with a gentle smile. And then look her in the eyes again?

Alternatively look her in the eyes, turn your look away and slowly close your eyes. Smile. Open them. Keep smiling and turn back to her eyes' line.


College Boy's picture

Dear Chase,

I go to a big university filled with students from wealthy backgrounds. Some buddies and I noticed that many college girls (usually the hot ones) will be making eye contact with us as we walk past each other. As soon as we return the eye contact, these girls immediately twist their heads 90 degrees into the direction opposite of us (with a bit of a chin up tilt) and keep their heads twisted until they pass by us. We're pretty good looking people too, with decent social skills. What's going on here??

College athlete's picture

If she's looking away when you notice her giving you eye contact she might just be embarrassed she was caught. Or she's satisfied that you noticed her acknowledging you and now its your turn to initiate conversation. After all its not her role to maintain strong eye contact initially and demonstrate dominance.....

Hello_world2020's picture

Great article, however I'm confused on why cant a guy make the first eye contact? Plus, how to have a girl look at me in the first place?

Ian's picture

Would you recommend anything different for someone who has a lazy eye? Usually when I'm actively looking at something it's fine, but if I'm a little tired or something it drifts off a bit on it's own.

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