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Your place, her place, the conveyance there, and other "boring" considerations that may make or break your attempt to consummate the seduction

Logistics Checklist: What to Prepare for Good Seductions

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logistics checklistMake it easier on yourself to seduce by having everything you need logistically. Including what to have on your person, on your phone, and at home at your place.

Hey guys. I hope you are doing well.

Today we will discuss the important but under-discussed topic of logistics. No matter how good you are, logistics are crucial for success. Logistics are key no matter when you approach women or what type of game you use.

The importance of logistics is undisputed. Nobody would dare disagree with this.

Logistics is everything in the interaction that facilitates or complicates the process. It includes the context in which the interaction and seduction take place. You can control some aspects and some you cannot. However, you can deal with unfortunate logistics (wildcards); see my post on the subject.

You can actively seek out some logistics (girls with two friends; sets of three are easier to deal with than sets of two), and there are others to avoid (a group of girls where one is very drunk, likely to cause wildcards later).

Today we will discuss the logistics you can control and implement RIGHT AWAY effortlessly. This post is useful for seducers of all levels.

We will discuss what you need:

  • To carry with you in your pocket or bag when you go out

  • To have at your place when you pull her home

Sometimes logistics alone can get you laid. It is not that common, but it does occur. However, bad logistics can ruin many potential lays. Once, I forgot to have cigarettes at home, which led me to nearly lose a threesome with two very cute Finnish girls in 2009. A student of mine missed a potential lay because he forgot to download Uber or any transportation app! Trust me, losing a lay because of stupid logistic issues are frustrating as hell, and you can easily avoid these pitfalls.

Well, no more with this post.

This list will be extensive. I have been into this for over 15 years, and I have been in almost every logistic loophole imaginable. So some of my advice can counteract some uncommon situations, but the little effort required on your end to avoid facing it makes it worthwhile to consider.

I am not claiming that you need to have everything listed here to get laid. Even if your logistics are not perfect, you often can get away with it—until you don’t. It is the latter scenario that I dedicate this post to. Logistics are a requirement to get laid in most circumstances. Bad logistics can ruin your game if you don’t take care of them. So, let’s take care of them, and if you implement most if not all the advice listed here, you can safeguard yourself from much trouble.

How to Plan Out Your Day Game Logistics

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day game logisticsDay game is a lot more efficient when you know where to meet girls to approach, and where to take them after. Figuring out your day game logistics is key.

One pesky barrier holding guys back from getting better day game results is a lack of certainty when handling logistics. While tightening your fundamentals and becoming a good conversationalist are vital steps on your journey to success, it’s controlling your logistics that puts new girls in your bed.

It’s frustrating to meet a girl who’s attracted to you, only to have her slip through the cracks because you weren’t able to lead her back to your bed. Putting those days behind you is an important milestone for every student who wants to find dating success with girls during the daytime.

What’s more, compared to other aspects of seduction, which usually take a considerable amount of time and effort to master, logistics are one of the easiest things for game students to get down pat. They’ll give you a better foundation to make the most of your day game interactions.

It’s always fun to find straightforward ways to sharpen up your game. And by the time you’ve finished reading today, you’ll be equipped with a simple plan to take control of your logistics, even if you live far away from where you meet new women or if you find yourself without a bed to use.

Tactics Tuesdays: Keep the Seduction Setting Constant

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By: Chase Amante

seduction settingIf you take her from the setting you seduced her in to one that’s very different, you risk disrupting your seduction. Keep an eye on environments as you pull/change venues.

One of the biggest mood-killers in a seduction is when the setting changes.

Every guy who's been around the seduction block has encountered this during transitions.

You meet a girl somewhere (let's say at a bar), and the vibe is great. She's connected with you, laughing with you, the flirtation is strong. There's a strong sexual vibe.

Then you take her out of there. You go to a diner. The two of you chill. The vibe comes down.

You head out onto the street to hail a ride back together. "You know what, I'm just going to go home I think," she tells you.

You try to get her to stick around: "No, no! The car's almost here. We'll just go back for 30 minutes. It'll be a great time, I promise."

But she bails anyway.

What happened?

You know (you could feel it) that if there'd been some way to shag this girl in the bar you met her at, she would absolutely have been yours.

However, there wasn't. You tried taking her to the diner, then home, and somewhere along the way things lost steam.

This will not always happen. Sometimes you can maintain the vibe across settings.

Nevertheless, if you want to maximize your odds to get the girl, keep the setting constant.

How to Get Laid by Creating “Backup” Logistics

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get laid with backup logistics
Are you good at snagging girls' numbers at bars and clubs but can’t turn them into anything? Here’s the perfect technique to turn those numbers into sex – tonight!

Hey, guys. Welcome back. I hope you are all doing great!

Today we will discuss logistics! Ah yes, logistics – a subject of such great importance that so many of you find boring.

I will share one of my techniques that is nearly 100% based on logistics – it has given me tons of lays. In fact, the first time I got 8 lays in one month (years ago) was by using this technique.

This is a simple logistical technique that is EASY TO PULL OFF yet very powerful on many levels. You will need some basic pickup skills to pull it off, so knowing a decent level of fundamentals may be a prerequisite for the full effect. But even if you don’t know the basics yet, this can still work (but the better your fundamentals, the better it will work).

FYI, this post is about night game.

Let's get to it!

Tactics Tuesdays: How to Get Laid When You Have Roommates

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get laid when you have roommates
How do you sleep with a girl when you have a roommate? There are two (2) scenarios: housemates, and roommates… And there exist strategies for each.

This is a question we get a lot on these parts: how do I sleep with girls when I have a roommate?

I’ve done enough hooking up with girls in places where I’ve had housemates, or even full-on roommates (i.e., someone who sleeps in the same room as you). While I usually prefer to have my own place or go to the girl’s place, it’s been my experience that roommates can actually make it easier for you to sleep with new women... I’ll tell you the reasons why in just a minute.

Caveat: this entire article is predicated on you not having totally lame cockblock roommates. If your roommates are lame pricks who don’t get laid and want to do everything in their power to make sure you don’t get laid either, then either change your living situation, or get good at going back to girls’ places or sleeping with girls in less conventional settings.

Assuming your roommates are at least marginally cool people whom we can get to play along with helping their bro get a new girl in the sack (or at least, they’re folks we can get to not interfere), let’s examine some strategies to help you bed babes in spite of your living situation.

The Spontaneous Bounce, Conversation Control, and Seductive Flexibility

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flexible seducer
Sometimes it’s going great with a girl – and then it all goes sideways. To have any shot at saving things, you need one quality: flexibility.

We already know how important it is to be smooth.

The ideal master seducer – a man who can walk into a room, pick out a woman, and consistently take her to bed – must be smooth. Now, there are several things we can do to elevate our game to bring us closer and closer to that ideal. We work on our fundamentals, we develop our conversational skills, we handle the logistics. And with time and elbow grease, our interactions start becoming smoother with women and more efficient in our dating.

However, even as we become better with girls, we can still have interactions that go sideways. Something happens that takes us by surprise, disrupts the flow, and makes you think it must be ‘game over’. I’m sure you’ve had moments like these, and experiencing that crushing feeling of:

 “I had her... we were so close... but things just went wrong.”

Thus, the topic of today’s article – a characteristic we want to develop alongside smoothness. This characteristic is a key element of truly stellar frame control. That characteristic is flexibility.

And to help you add a dose of flexibility to your seductions, and give you a pair of wonderful firefighting techniques for those scenarios where things go sideways, today I want to discuss the spontaneous bounce, and conversational control.

How to Lead Your Seductions Logistically and Emotionally

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lead seduction
To lead a girl through a seduction, you need to hit two (2) key points: emotions and logistics. Lead well on these, and the girl is yours.

Last time, in my article on letting her feel allowed to desire you, we discussed two aspects of mental states related to seduction – namely, building her desire for you and letting her feel allowed to desire you. The first one covered the actual induction of a state of attraction whereas letting her feel allowed puts her in a mental state where she opens up to your influence. Both are equally important in seduction.

Today we will observe seduction in a different framework. Mind you that what we will cover in this post is NOT a different way of doing things, just a different way of looking at seduction.

This framework might actually explain different key aspects of seduction, as you will see. Again, these frameworks or models are just used as a way to explain “what is” (the actual seduction process).

What we will discuss today are the “leading emotionally” dimension and the “leading logistically” dimension. Both dimensions are key aspects of seduction that should not be disregarded. They can both take place simultaneously in space and time – i.e., you can both lead emotionally and logistically at the same time.

You probably already have an idea about what “leading” means in terms of seduction, but allow me to expand the concept a little. Also keep in mind that in my report from Bulgaria I also share some real life examples in which the framework covered in this post is applied.

Tactics Tuesdays: How and When to Change Venues on a Date or Pickup

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change venues
If you need to move things along on a date or in a pickup but it’s too soon to take her home, often the next best option is to change venues.

At times you’ll have things going well with a girl, but not well enough yet you’re ready to take her home. Even still, you reach one of those moments in the courtship where, like it or not, you’ve got to move her.

Moving her around in the same venue won’t work at this point. It works terrific early on, but you’re too far along for it now and it’ll feel like you’re treading water... or even going backwards.

You need movement, but you can’t stay there. And you can’t take her home. So what can you do?

You change venues. One venue to another venue.

The venue change is a handy tool in both dates and pickups. It’s a vital element of instant dates, structured dates, and often many guys’ one-night stand processes. But it’s also a tactic rife with potential to drop the ball.

Take her to the wrong place, and you kill the vibe.

Fail to handle the transition well, and you kill the vibe.

Misread her desires and change venues when she really wanted you to just take her home, and you risk missing the escalation window, and kill the vibe.

So let’s arm you with a few tools to let you read her right, take her to the right spot, and make your venue change as likely to lead to a pull home at the end of your date or pickup as anything else.

How to Use Liminal Space to Advance Your Dates with Girls

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liminal space
When a girl’s in liminal space with you, the outside world no longer matters... And she’s free to do what she wants. The catch is, you’ve got to keep her there.

In my previous article on building bubbles, I shared some tips as to how we as seducers can pace girls out of their day-to-day lives and into our reality.

But this may raise a few questions, like what exactly is this reality anyway?

And once she is a part of it, how do we make sure she doesn’t slip out of it?

This article aims to answer those questions for you, so you can make sure the girls you suck in stay sucked in... And adore it.

How to Hook Up When You Have No Logistics

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Hi everyone. Last time I made an introductory post about logistics. If you are new to the field of seduction, then that post is a must read. However, everyone should read it – a good recap of fundamentals is once in a while necessary.

This week’s post will be more suitable for advanced players – but I think it can still be a useful read to any aspiring seducers out there because we will discuss in this post tricky logistical situations that you need to be able to handle. This post might in this case be of help and increase your chances of getting laid.


The topic of today will be those situations where you have nowhere to pull her and you have no others choices than being creative when it comes to logistics – public sex, for example. But before we get to that, let me do a little recap of an old post.

A few weeks ago I made a post about the 5 factors of successfully picking up girls, where I covered 5 factors that I believe are key to success with seduction. Those factors were:

I explained in depth how each of these factors would affect your seduction and your chances of getting laid. I also mentioned how one could effect – or “work” – each factor in order to identify and calibrate them for your benefit.

At the end of that post, I also mentioned that if you lack a particular factor, you could compensate with focusing more on another factor. One example I made was about logistics – i.e., not having any seduction location to pull to (you don’t have your own place and she doesn’t have her own place either) could be compensated with good game: make her so horny that logistics don’t matter anymore.

A commenter SGent asked the following question:

So let us say that both your and her logistics suck, then if you manage to get her so horny – to the point of no return – logistics will not matter anymore

Please give more details on this statement.

Yes, he referred to a statement I made in that post that was unclear to him. I will respond to his question here. This is actually a topic I am really excited about. It has really caught my attention lately (which is also why I am writing this post).