When Girls Act Very Forward: Handling the Freak Test | Girls Chase

When Girls Act Very Forward: Handling the Freak Test

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handling the freak testYou just met this girl, but suddenly she’s all over you. Are you really THAT sexy? Don’t get excited yet: it’s only the freak test. Here’s how to handle it.

Hey guys and welcome back.

Today I will continue my series on tests. Previously, we discussed the common jealousy plot test (when girls chat or flirt with other men in front of you) and how to deal with it.

This post covers a different test linked to female attention-seeking behavior. It’s often not recognized as a test, so many fall into its trap. This test can lead to much frustration.

It’s what I call the “freak test.” It tests your reaction to overt sexual moves done by the girl.

It goes like this:

  1. A man starts an interaction with a woman.

  1. She immediately makes an overt sexual move (touches his balls, shows her tits, starts grinding on his dick, says something explicit).

  1. The man mirrors her behavior and responds because he thinks it’s appropriate, and she wants it (and rightfully so, considering her behavior).

  1. She turns cold, blocks his move, or leaves to talk with other men.

  1. The man gets frustrated and tries to persist, only to hit a wall.

He did not pass the test. And we will discuss how to pass it today.


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