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12 Limiting Beliefs Men Have About Women

Dec Tue,2018

If you have one of these beliefs about women, it's holding you back... and you probably don't even realize it.

limiting beliefs

Stop Assuming Other Men Are Better Than You

Dec Fri,2018

If you keep asking yourself why you suck so bad with women while all these other dudes are getting laid, there are probably some things you aren’t taking into account.

don't compare your success with other men

Tactics Tuesdays: When Dates Don't Work Out, Do a Post-Mortem

Dec Tue,2018

When a date or an outing doesn't pan out, use a post-mortem to figure out why. Give yourself clear action items for next time – and recover your emotions, too.

dating post mortem

5 Mindsets to Overcome the Fear of Approaching Women

Dec Fri,2018

The fear of approaching women is a major hurdle for a lot of guys. By adopting these key mindsets, you’ll realize there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Mindsets to Overcome the Fear of Approaching Women

Instinct-Based Game, Pt 2: How to Develop Intuition and Gut Instinct

Nov Thu,2018

Naturals are so good with women because of their strong empathic sense and ability to trust their gut. The good news is that these traits can be cultivated.

develop intuition and gut instinct

How to Treat Ghosts, Flakes, and Rejections from Girls

Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

Nov Wed,2018

Do you get WAY more rejections than dates? Well, it’s the same for even the best seducers. Here’s how treating rejection differently can help.

ghosts flakes and rejections

How to Be a Confident Man (with the Kind of Confidence Women Like)

Oct Fri,2018

Girls like confident men, everyone knows this. Yet the key to how to be confident is a careful mixture of success + direction in a specific romantic way.

how to be a confident man

The Ultimate Guide to Beating Depression

Oct Thu,2018

When life is a mirage, the only way to see your way through is to move forward. Depression can obscure anything until you accept what is real and prove what is not.

beat depression guide

Use Meditation and Self-Hypnosis to Improve Your Dating Game

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By: Tony Depp

Oct Wed,2018

Our brains are super good at talking us out of doing stuff, even good stuff. Here’s how to switch roles and talk your brain into shutting up and getting laid.

Hypnosis and Meditation to Improve Your Dating Game

Feeling Doubtful? Well, Have You Taken Action Lately?

Sep Sun,2018

At times you will go out to meet girls and not meet any, or encounter other similar situations. And doubt takes you. How do you deal with this kind of doubt?

doubt and action

Do You Keep Thinking “I Need a Girlfriend”? Read This First

Aug Mon,2018

Do you need a girlfriend? Maybe. But perhaps you’d be better off without one right now. These considerations will help you decide.

I Need a Girlfriend

Do You Really Need to Know, or Is It Just Mental Masturbation?

Aug Sat,2018

Information is good to have, and plans can be useful. Nevertheless, sometimes it goes too far – into the realm of mental masturbation.

mental masturbation

Day Game Tour with Tony Depp, Pt.1: Your Mindset

Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

Aug Thu,2018

Approaching women during the day is the go-to for many eminent pickup artists. Tony Depp begins this series by sharing some key mindsets for success.

day game mindsets

Conquer Approach Anxiety with The Approach Game

Jul Thu,2018

This fun, simple game is designed to banish anxiety and work out the kinks in your approaches. All you need is a wingman, a clock, and a woman-laden environment.

The Approach Game

A Man's Girl Mix and His Jadedness

Jun Thu,2018

The mix of girls you’ve dated and slept with informs your opinions of women. Different girl mixes can lead to very different thoughts about women.

girl mix