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Girls Who Sense Your Intentions and Don't Want You Anymore

May Tue,2018

A woman senses you only want to hook up with her, and closes herself off to you. Why’d it happen – and how do you prevent this ‘closing off’?

girl sense your intentions

Decision Making in Seduction IV: Mistakes Are Good

May Fri,2018

Good decisions can get you laid tonight, but mistakes are what provide lessons that make you more successful with women down the road.

mistakes are good

Decision Making in Seduction III: Building and Keeping Momentum

May Fri,2018

Negative sexual momentum can spoil your interactions with women. But a good decision-making strategy helps break the trend – and can even reverse it.

building pickup momentum

Decision Making in Seduction II: Weighing the Variables

May Sun,2018

As a seducer, your decisions can trip you up… or set you up. How do you weigh the odds and decide whether to stick with a girl or find a better option?

seduction variables

Decision Making in Seduction I: How to Be Cool-Headed

Apr Sat,2018

How you conduct yourself has a big effect on how attractive you are to women. Cool heads in moments of chaos set men significantly apart.


Resistance/Susceptibility to Influence

Apr Tue,2018

Everyone out there is trying to influence you. How susceptible are you to that influence – and how susceptible are those around you?

susceptibility to influence

How to Become a Passionate Man

Apr Thu,2018

You have passion inside you, but no amount of New Age clichés has been able to get it out. So take this practical manual on becoming a passionate man instead.

how to become passionate

State Control, Pt. 3: Awareness

Apr Fri,2018

Situational awareness makes a huge difference in your ability to meet and connect with women. You must notice the right things – and filter out noise and distractions.

in-venue awareness

How to be Certain, Part 4: Extension and Perfect Uncertainty

Apr Mon,2018

As we go deeper into certainty, we look at three more aspects: extension (the follow through after a decision), perfect uncertainty, and faith.

certainty extension

How to Get Bad Bitches (Video)

Apr Sat,2018

Quickly labeling a girl as a bitch means never getting to see her good side (or see her naked). But if you shatter her bitch shield, she’ll find you very attractive.

How to Get Bad Bitches

State Control, Pt. 2: How to Get in State

Apr Fri,2018

With the right mix of practices both before you go out and while you’re already out, you can keep yourself in a proper social and seductive state.

get in state

State Control, Pt. 1: Do You Need to Be "In State" to Pick Up Girls?

Mar Fri,2018

State control (your ability to manage the mood you’re in) is vital and powerful for seduction. Yet, like anything, lean on it too much, and it can become a crutch.

state control

How to Be Certain, Part 2: How to Develop Certainty

Mar Mon,2018

True certainty means certainty of three things: knowledge, desire, and morality. The more certain you are in each element, the greater your total certainty becomes.

how to develop certainty

Don't Let Your Approaches/Courtships Be Adversarial

Mar Sun,2018

If you get your hackles up, or start to feel defensive, it’s easy to turn adversarial on dates and in conversations. Yet do this, and you will quick run into walls with women...

adversarial approach

How to Be Certain, Part 1: The Triumvirate of Certainty

Mar Mon,2018

To be able to lead – whether men, women, or both – you must be certain. And to be certain, you must have three (3) elements in place.

how to be certain