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Book Review: Why Him? Why Her? by Helen Fisher

May Thu,2016

A review of Helen Fisher’s “Why Him? Why Her?” There are 4 personality styles, and yours may clash with another’s – or match perfectly.

why him why her

She Always Needs to Think You’re in Control

May Sat,2016

If a girl doesn’t think you’re in control, her attraction and respect for you suffer. Yet, you needn’t be the uptight in-control guy to show her this.

you're in control

Why to Never Take What Women Say at Face Value

Apr Wed,2016

What women say and do often has multiple possible interpretations. So how do you know which one is right, and which one isn’t?

what women say

Why Nice Guys are Boring to Women

Mar Wed,2016

Everyone knows women roll their eyes at nice guys. But why? It’s due to one indisputable fact: women dig powerful men. And nice guys aren’t.

nice guys boring

In Seduction, “You” Don’t Matter (But Her Emotions Do)

Mar Mon,2016

Your physical features, social status, and paper credentials matter less than you think. What women need is men who make them feel.

her emotions matter

15 Signs a Girl Will Waste Your Time

Feb Mon,2016

It’s all too easy for a girl to waste your time if you aren’t careful. Yet there are things ‘time wasters’ say or do that give them away.

girl wastes time

Why Women Misremember the Past

Dec Wed,2015

Women misremember the past all the time: motivations, chains of events, or even whether you’re good at something (or not). But why?

women misremember past

Her Intentions Tell You Just What to Do with Her

Dec Thu,2015

Many guys miss a woman’s signals, yet her intentions tell you when to go forward, and how. Using her intentions is a shortcut to success.

her intentions

Why Leadership is so Key to Seducing Women

Dec Mon,2015

Why is it so important to your chances with women that you lead them? Investment and confidence are part of it… but there’s something else, too.

seduction leadership

What Backward Rationalization is, and How It Affects You with Girls

Nov Wed,2015

Women frequently use backward rationalization to decide why something happened – even if their reasons aren’t the most accurate.

backward rationalization

How to Be a Freak in Bed, Pt. 5: Taboo as Aphrodisiac

Nov Wed,2015

In part 5, we explore what makes taboo such a mighty aphrodisiac. Also: what are the limits – what should you simply just not do in bed?


What the Romance Novel Tells Us Women Want

Nov Fri,2015

Romance novels contained distilled versions of women’s deepest fantasies. So what do they have to teach us about what women want? Tons.

romance novel

10 Surprising Reasons Women Will Have Sex with You

Oct Wed,2015

Women have sex for plenty of reasons besides “liking” a guy or being “attracted” to him. Here’re the 10 most common ‘non-liking’ reasons.

reasons have sex

Stop Making Women Not Want to Sleep with You

Oct Tue,2015

Ever have a girl seem like she wants to sleep with you bad, then you get her on a date and she goes cold? Why’d she turn off like that?

not sleep with you

Girl Types: Geek Girls

Oct Thu,2015

Geek girls are growing common – and desirable. What’s it take to get them on dates (or in bed)? Openness, obviousness, and rapport, to start.

geek girls