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Articles by Author: Alek Rolstad

How to Tell a Sex Story, Part I

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Sharing stories is a good way of conveying your personality, which is the pillar of what creates attraction. What attracts women are the elements, or we might call them the traits, of your personality that are attractive.

For example, you can display higher value by sharing a story of yours, which can be done by telling the girl you’re talking to a story in which you are experiencing an exciting event, or just simply communicating to her that you have an exciting life. Maybe the story communicates social proof, or preselection – where you meet other girls.

There are no doubts that all this works, but what I wanted to talk about today is the usage of storytelling as a tool to convey a sexual personality. Say, by sharing sexual experiences in order for you to be perceived by her as a sexually experienced man.

sex story

Further you can also share a story in order to make a girl horny – as your story will be like an erotic novel to her ears, allowing her to fantasize about the event by herself (women love pornographic literature – such as erotic novels).

And, sharing sex stories can also work to set the right frame. As I mentioned in my introduction post about sex talk: the frame will define her perception of you; which means that if she perceives you as a sexual man, she will treat you like one. How people perceive you plays a crucial role in defining their behavior toward you.

So now, in this article we will lay out the different steps in how you can pull this off properly.

  • How to transition into a sex story

  • How to actually tell a sex story

  • Short Recap

We will get right into the first step.

How to Have Discreet Sex (and Communicate Discretion)

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By: Alek Rolstad

discreet sexToday I want to discuss to the topic of discretion in seduction. In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful tools a seducer can use to get women.

Being low-key will not only get you laid, it will also allow you to have crazy and discreet sex with women. Is sex really all that we want? I am sure many of you fantasize about dirty sex, or watch dirty porn. Admit it or not, I do not care; all I know is that there is majority here who truly want to do some dirty stuff.

In this article we will cover what being discreet and low-key is all about, and why it works so well in seduction.

In the second section, I’ll give you multiple tools that you can use in different settings to communicate secrecy - and get discreet sex.

Let’s go.

Women Really Do Like Sex

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By: Alek Rolstad

women like sexNumerous times we’ve covered the fact that women love sex. You’ll hear us on Girls Chase frequently tell you that they like sex as much as men, and if you’re experienced with women, you already know this quite well yourself.

Yet for many men (and even for myself back in the day), this concept doesn’t seem to make much sense. After all, we men are chasing women, or at least constantly trying to figure out ways to meet and get women into bed. It sure doesn’t seem like the opposite is true anyway... at least not when you’re a beginner.

We might ask ourselves the following question: if women liked sex as much as men like sex, wouldn’t they be chasing after men the same as men are chasing after women? Wouldn’t women start approaching men and start trying to get those men over to their places for some hanky-panky?

Wouldn’t women just jump you, begging you to pleasure them?

In this post we’ll cover the many reasons why that is not the case, while still continuing to show you that, in fact, women truly love sex.

Some of the perspectives presented below might already be known to many of you, but I am sure that you will find some nuggets in this posts.

Why Women Flake: The 5 Things You Can’t Control

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In "What to Do When Girls Flake", we talked about how to respond to women who are flaking you (i.e., cancelling you or not showing up on dates that you set up), and that you usually should not blame them for this, because flaking is simply something that women do to guys.

What I want to talk about today is why women flake, and hopefully give you some additional insight into the psychology behind this phenomenon, so that you can avoid it, or nip it in the bud more effectively and not have to deal with it so much.

women flake

Many men believe that the best (and the simplest) way to get girls is by taking phone numbers and set up a meet. Such a strategy does work indeed, but frankly it has a lots of cons and it is far from efficient. I will here cover the different reasons for why that is the case.

It should be pointed out that I not saying that you should stop taking numbers, but that you should maybe think twice before playing such a game.

Sexual Economics: The Lover and the Provider

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sexual economicsFrom reading the comment sections of my earlier posts, I saw that many men still do not truly believe that women love sex and seek it sometimes only for the pleasure of raw, primal sex itself.

I can understand why this is hard to grasp, as we often hear women talking so much about how they seek romance and love (and not only sex). We get the idea that women just want a boyfriend who can stimulate their heart... and not so much their loins.

Many men also believe that women are “okay” with having sex, but that women only have sexual intercourse with men in order to reward them for good behaviours.

Well, in my opinion, such beliefs are true... but only partly true. I will explain how women experience mating – what they seek in men and how their sexual behaviour can change drastically according to which men they are interacting with. I will also cover the elementary traits of these different men so that you can become the man you desire to become.

It is recommended but not required that you check out my earlier posts on:

By reading these posts you start off with an even better understanding of the concepts laid down in this article. However, for those who haven’t checked them out, I will recap the most crucial elements, as we dive in to how women think about sex and why it’s so that women use sex as a reward for some men... but seek it as their own reward from others.

Social Order, Sexual Restriction, and the Secret Society

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social orderNote from Chase: this is a very thoughtful - and pretty deep - article by Alek exploring the cultural mechanics underlying social controls placed on individual sexual expression in modern Western societies. This isn't a "how-to" article; it's more a "here's how things work a few levels down" type piece. It's somewhat heavy stuff, but a rewarding read if you don't mind letting your brain work a bit. Here's Alek.

After having produced a number of practical articles recently, I wanted to write a more theory-heavy post on sexual ethics.

Before I begin, I would like to deliver a disclaimer. It should be noted that this piece is purely theoretical and an abstraction of how the mating game works. The world is a complex place, and it is impossible to describe every aspect of a social phenomenon.

Further, I would also point out that even though this essay might have anthropological elements, it remains a work in political/social theory.

This means that this text is not only descriptive in its nature (i.e., explaining “what is the case”) but also has a normative essence with the means of explaining “for what reasons things should be the way they are” or “what should be the case”.

What to Do When Women Resist Your Charms

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resistance from womenA frequently asked question by our readers concerns resistance. In the comment sections of my articles, many readers have pointed out that when they make a sexual move (in the form of talking about sex or escalating physically) their women often turn cold or react directly negative to their moves.

This can be classified most of the time as resistance; however, in some cases it can also be a rejection we are talking about. This is what this post will be about:

  • The different causes of resistance
  • How to handle resistance
  • Resistance vs. rejection
  • Handling rejections

By the end of this article, it is my intention that you will be much better armed to deal with resistance when you encounter it, overcome it so that you and your women can continue to enjoy great times together, and even reverse rejections in some cases to continue to build your interactions with women.

How to Physically Escalate in Public with Girls

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physical escalationPhysical escalation is how you take things from platonic to sexually loaded and heaving with desire and anticipation with a girl, often in a short span of time. Escalation is often all the difference between being a girl’s friendly guy pal and being her lover.

We’ve covered physical escalation in various forms on this site before:

... however, what I want to focus on in today’s article is a comprehensive look at physical escalation in an interaction with a girl, while out, say, in a bar or on a date. How do you get her aroused, horny, and sexually excited in public with you?

That’s the question I’m answering today.

Last Minute Resistance from Sexy Women: Treating It and Beating It

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last minute resistanceLast month I shared a report that doubled as a how-to on getting threesomes ("Threesome How-To: Step-by-Step to Get Two Girls") that was a big hit, in which I covered one of my real-life interactions leading to a threesome. What people really liked about it were all the details and the analysis following the tips given in the report. Written this way, the report served as a guide to doing what I do with sex talk and getting threesomes.

I’d therefore like to keep up with the concept of combining reports and how-tos, but I will cover different elements in each of these so as not be repetitive. Today we will mostly cover:

  • Logistics (more interesting than you would expect)
  • Physical escalation (you will love the parts on escalation)
  • And how to handle last minute resistance (LMR)

The point of including this in a report is to show you not just how to deal with last minute resistance, but also how to avoid it entirely, since this resistance is most often a case of you either not screening properly or not handling things properly, although sometimes you really cannot handle things perfectly due to the circumstances you meet a girl in.

My plan with my writing will often be focused about sharing material, but also sharing material within a context. This way I believe it gives you, the reader, a broader perspective about how to use the material in real life situations, and more properly shows and tells how it all works together.

How to Use Sex Talk to Set a Sexual Tone and Mood

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sex talkToday, I wanted to make a quick introduction to using sex talk in sexual framing after reading many requests from our readers. It seems sexual framing is a popular topic around here, and since there’ve been a number of requests for more information about this, I'm happy to oblige.

I thought that an introductory post into my methods for using sex talk and sexual frames, like this article, was in order.

Of course there is a lot more to say about the topic (oh man… so much more; you have no idea how much!) – so consider this just as a starter.

The purpose of this post is to give you an overall idea of how this all works. This will make it simpler for future, even more detailed pieces concerning this topic.