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How to Hook Girls In, Pt.4: Practical Applications of Intrigue

Alek Rolstad's picture

Making fun assumptions, storytelling, and gambits go hand in hand with building intrigue. Here’s how to use these tools to showcase your attractive qualities.

Hi, and welcome back.

Last week, we discussed intrigue and how it can be used to mentally stimulate a girl and increase your chances of hooking her into your interaction so that you can get settled in and buy time to convey your attractive personality traits.

Today, we will put the concept of building intrigue into context. You may have understood the concept, but when and how will you use it? The obvious answer is “wherever and whenever you want” – it can be used anytime, anywhere in the interaction.

However, knowing the concept during the early phase of the interaction won’t help you if you don’t have great material to use it with – i.e., techniques that can be used to hook girls in. That’s what this post is all about: putting the concept discussed last week in context and examining how you can use it in conjunction with other great material.

Before I move on, it is imperative for me to state that the list of techniques that I am about to share are great techniques that I personally use to hook girls in, but it is not a full list. Lots of other techniques and gambits can be used – some aren’t listed here but are great anyway (see Part 3 for other suggestions.) Let’s get into it.