Why Sexually Inexperienced Men Are So Clueless with Women | Girls Chase

Why Sexually Inexperienced Men Are So Clueless with Women

Chase Amante

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sexually inexperienced men cluelessMany sexually inexperienced men tend toward dogmatic, unrealistic views of women. Why is this so, and how do you get a firmer grasp of feminine realities?

Over the years, our staunchest critics and most vociferous opponents to seduction advice have been not women (many of whom say they like this site) nor sexually and romantically experienced men (who always find something they like here, even if they do not agree with absolutely everything) but men who are sexually inexperienced. Often it doesn’t come out until later in the debate that the guy doesn’t actually have much experience with women – or any at all.

They maintain generalities like:

  • “You can’t get a woman if you [some alleged handicap – aren’t of the same culture, are N years older or younger than her, aren’t willing to do some certain act like pay for meals, etc.]”

To any man with a modicum of romantic experience, the positions sexually inexperienced men hew so firmly to seem extreme, one dimensional, dogmatic, and unrealistic. The inexperienced man views romance as a caricature, warped all out of proportion with its reality.

He is, in other words, clueless.

Not every sexually inexperienced man is dogmatic in his certainty of how everything he has yet to experience in full works. Plenty of men are open-minded. But plenty more are not.

Why should this be so, though? Why can’t a man just read a few things, watch a few things, and know all there is to know about a subject? Why aren’t all men inexperienced in a thing open-minded about the things they have not much experienced?


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