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Why Do Some Men Pick Up Girls but Most Men Never Do?

Chase Amante

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why pick up girlsSome men dedicate themselves to picking up lots of girls. Yet most men never choose this ‘seducer’s path’. Why do some men choose it, while others don’t?

I just finished writing an article on two very different ultimate motivations in seduction, based on von Clausewitz’s absolute vs. limited war. I think the distinction (I’m calling them absolute vs. limited seduction for now, though I might change the names when I publish the article) is enlightening.

Anyway, toward the end of the article, I got into some of the typical reasons men give for not approaching women, or for not attempting to really push to close out their seductions.

In the world of seduction, we typically call these ‘excuses’ and tell men they did not approach or did not close things out due to anxiety, fear of rejection, and so on.

And that is true. But in light of the concept of limited seductions, I’m starting to think it’s also not the entire picture.

We have numerous guys in the community who have confessed to years of false starts trying to get going picking up girls but simply not having the motivation to ever really get going. Some guys start after six months or a year. Many guys need a certain kick in the butt – such as a painful breakup – before they dive in.

Some guys disappear and presumably never become seducers.

All these are men who IN a seduction community – commenting on seduction articles, writing on seduction forums. Most men in the world will never get involved with such things.

Why is it so hard for most men to get into pickup? What is different about the men who actually do get into it, and proceed to excel?


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