When a Girl Acts Disinterested: Just Walk Off… or Explain Yourself? | Girls Chase

When a Girl Acts Disinterested: Just Walk Off… or Explain Yourself?

Chase Amante

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girl acts disinterestedA girl is acting disinterested. Or she’s behaving badly. You probably ought to leave. But should you just walk off? Or tell her why you’re bailing?

Hey guys. Welcome back.

Today’s post is a strategy clarification. I was chatting on the SkilledSeducer live chat in our forums. A member, Darkknight, pointed out that whenever I break rapport (contact) with a girl, usually as a response to her negative behavior, I rarely call her out on her behavior, nor do I let her know that I am leaving.

I just walk away without saying a word.

I posted about this subject not long ago: Confrontative Frame Control: When & When Not to Use.

Unlike me, he pointed out that Chase prefers the “eject and explain” strategy. It is similar to mine, by breaking rapport as a response to her bad behavior. However, as you eject and explain, you tell her why you are breaking rapport with her.

This is different from the strategy I advocate, as I say nothing and simply leave. I don’t tell her I am leaving, nor why I am doing it.

So, which strategy is better?

If you are asking yourself this, you are likely asking the wrong question.

Why? Because this question stems from a misconception.

I asked Chase for his take to ensure we were on the same boat, and we agreed. Is the choice between breaking rapport without saying a word and breaking rapport with justification (eject and explain) only a matter of personal style and preference?

Yes, to some extent. Chase and I agree they are two different techniques with different pros and cons and are suited for different settings, depending on the situation.

Which technique you decide on depends on strategic and contextual calibration, as they are different techniques for different settings, and achieve different purposes.

Remember to:

  • Calibrate to the context

  • Use the right technique at the right time


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