Tactics Tuesdays: Priming Women as a Seduction Tool | Girls Chase

Tactics Tuesdays: Priming Women as a Seduction Tool

Chase Amante

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priming women for seductionCan you shape the way someone views reality simply by priming her for what to see? Why yes you can – with this unique form of psychological flirtatious fun.

Earlier this month, a reader asked about ways to use confirmation bias as a seduction tool.

Confirmation bias is the phenomenon whereby people who expect to see something look for and take mental note of events that reinforce their expectations.

For instance, if I tell you, “Reading Girls Chase articles puts you in a stronger girl-getting mentality. Finish this article and go anywhere in public today and I bet you’ll notice girls are suddenly paying more attention to you. Why’s that? Read GC, girl-getting mentality.”

Now, if you do go out, you are going to have that in the back of your head. You’ll be more attuned, looking around more for women paying attention to you. That’ll cause you to notice more women who are looking your way, and your alertness will trigger other women to pay more attention to you, too, which you will also notice. So you likely really will get more attention from women.

Was it because reading this article gave you a stronger girl-getting mentality? You’re probably going to think so, because I told you it would happen and what evidence to look for, and you then saw the evidence – my prediction came true. Even if you know what I was doing, the part of your brain that makes connections between things is still going to believe it anyway.

See, what I did was to use something called ‘priming’ to prepare you to react a certain way to things I was fairly certain would occur.

This priming sets you up for confirmation bias to kick in later and reinforce my earlier primes – and you can use this effect with girls, too.


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