Making a Girl Trust & Feel Comfortable with You (Seduction Gambit) | Girls Chase

Making a Girl Trust & Feel Comfortable with You (Seduction Gambit)

Chase Amante

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trust and comfort gambitBefore a girl will go to bed with you, you need to help her trust and feel comfortable enough with you to do so. How do you that? Use this gambit to begin…

Hey guys. Today, I’ll go through a gambit I love using in field lately. It is safe and low risk plus its effects are mind-blowing. It’s a two-parter, and you can use both in the early game to hook or solidify your hook or during late-game to escalate the vibe.

Before I get to the actual juice, I need to stress the points I make when writing about gambits:

  • You don’t need to know hundreds of gambits to get good results. It’s better to know some that work for you than many that work against you.

  • Ideally, you want a choice. Knowing many gambits is great so you can test different ones and select what works best.

  • Perhaps you have a bad memory or do not like memorizing gambits or canned material. In that case, these are still good for you because they serve as examples and templates for conveying attractive personality traits or set frames that make her compliant to ease the process.

  • Gambits can inspire you to create your own gambits or variations. I never deliver a gambit the same way twice. I likely deliver it differently every time because knowing the mechanism’s function and how to use it is what matters.

You can find the compilation of all gambits and related sex talk articles and guides in my compilation thread: Sex Talk Gambits Compilation (And more).


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