Smoothly Bring Up Sex Talk with Girls (w/ Fractionated Transitions) | Girls Chase

Smoothly Bring Up Sex Talk with Girls (w/ Fractionated Transitions)

Chase Amante

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transitioning fractionationTo smoothly enter sex talk, it helps if you can slide the topic in with her barely even noticing. But how can you do that? With a fractionated transition.

Today I would like to share a transitioning technique with a very high success rate for smoothly getting into sex talk. I’ll go over the benefits and some cons; no worries, I will list and explain these. It’s an advanced technique and requires good conversational skills and control. Therefore, consider this an advanced post about a technique I teach my most advanced students.

We all know that transitioning into a sexual subject is great for your interaction as it sets a sexual frame and excites her. But it can be challenging to do because of the nature of the subject (women may not be comfortable talking about sex with strangers for many reasons, but mainly, it can trigger her anti-slut defense mechanism). So, there will be times when you try to transition into sex talk with whatever transitional technique you choose, and no matter what you do, it fails.

She resists, she seems aloof, she seems unexcited, and she looks uncomfortable.

If you encounter any of these reactions, the default rule is to quickly end the subject and switch to something else, as they can be forms of resistance. (But she may just find that particular sexual subject boring. However, act as if you were dealing with resistance just to be sure). It is usually best to stop talking about sex to let things cool off and attempt again later with a different topic and see if that bites.

The problem is if she shows discomfort with sex talk, then that likely will not work. Then it is not the subject that doesn’t interest her, but that she is uncomfortable talking about sex.

The go-to rule is that if sex talk doesn’t work, you should focus on something else:

  • Build compliance by showing mixed signals, demonstrating higher value, or using social proof.

  • Sexualize with physical escalation.

These are all reliable strategies in my book.

Forcing something on someone they feel uncomfortable with rarely works unless you really know what you are doing. You ideally want to use sex talk to get her. It has many benefits when it works!

For those cases, this post comes in handy. Let’s go over transitioning into sex talk with women hesitant to jump into the subject. It’s a bit tricky, but it’s not impossible, hence why this post is for advanced players.

Note that this technique will NOT work on women who show heavy resistance to sex talk. With them, just change your strategy.


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