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Showing Interest in Girls: Direct Game vs. Indirect Game

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show interest direct vs. indirect gameThe way you show interest in a girl – and the time you do it at – differs by your approach. Will you go direct on her, or do things in a more indirect way?

Hey guys and welcome back.

I receive many emails and messages on the forums, about indirect game. My students also express concern about this.

Men often read my posts or hear about indirect game through other sources and usually dislike it, as they see it as too passive, slow, and complicated. There’s a misconception that you do not show any interest with indirect game, so you do not get to escalate the vibe nor screen for receptive girls. You waste tons of time with random girls, just chatting.

But this is not true.

You do show interest with indirect game; at least when done correctly. There are some extreme versions of indirect game, where you do not display any interest, hoping she will come running for you as she sees you as the prize. Some women like men who reject them. However, this only works if the girl is really into you and has a codependent personality. If not, the odds of it working are low. So it’s not a good strategy in my book.

In general, I advise that you show interest when using indirect game.

When compared to direct game and especially neo-direct game, it’s true that you will typically show less interest using indirect game. However, many direct gamers show too much interest, and I think they are just being uncalibrated. Uncalibrated pickup is not a style of pickup; it’s simply BAD pickup.

The real difference between indirect and direct game is when and how you show interest.

Before describing the indirect game mindset, I will discuss when and how to show interest and how it conveys you as “the prize.”


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