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How to Plan Out a Date's Logistics End-to-End

Chase Amante

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man and woman date planningPlanning a date’s logistics out is one of the biggest boons you can give your dating. Map the initial spot, the inter-date route, and 3 more date facets for a big romantic boost.

What’s the difference between a date with preplanned logistics versus one where you simply pick a place and go?

The difference is often HUGE… with a bevy of key benefits for the preplanned dater.

In light of our 50% off “Summer of Lovelies” One Date sale, and the two limited edition Date Flows I’ve made available with a One Date purchase during this sale (you can also claim them here if you already own One Date), I’m putting out a few different pieces on dates and date planning.

Some of the most prolific daters have established date templates they use over and over again with the women they take out, because those templates simply work:

  • They know where to meet a girl

  • They know where to take her

  • They know where to go with her after the first place

  • They have a backup venue to take her if she needs more time

  • They may have various locations they can use to “seal the deal”

You don’t have to be in your home city or town to take advantage of logistical preplanning, either. Preplanning your date logistics is something you can do anywhere.

It’s something you ought to do, everywhere, too… because it just offers so many benefits it’d be silly not to.


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