How to Isolate a Girl in a Seduction, Pt. 4: Mini-Isolation | Girls Chase

How to Isolate a Girl in a Seduction, Pt. 4: Mini-Isolation

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mini-isolationWhen logistics or compliance don’t permit full isolation with a girl, instead: mini-isolate her. It’s simple, and can springboard you into full isolation.

Hey guys.

Today I will share another isolation technique to use when isolation is difficult. Try this option If you run into situations when the go-to strategy granting full isolation, as described in my previous articles, is not feasible. Your best bet is to opt for mini-isolation: you are still near her group but slightly outside, say just three feet away. You may not be entirely alone with her; however, her friends are not directly part of your interaction.

As you can imagine, being completely isolated is more desirable because it allows more benefits:

  • You both have more intimacy.

  • You have fewer chances of people chiming in and disrupting your interaction.

  • She will feel more at ease acting sexually and escalating with you away from her peers, and, even better, she is not in view of everyone in the venue.

The problem is that sometimes you cannot fully isolate for various reasons. I will discuss these below.

So, what can you do? Do you keep conversing with the whole group? Sure, that is one solution, but it is more challenging to set the right frames with your girl when you deal with the entire group. And how do you truly connect and escalate the vibe with your girl if you are dealing with the whole group? A better option would be to go for something in between. This is where mini-isolation comes in—the “lesser evil” option.

Mini-isolation allows you to get some peace and intimacy.

Read on to find out how to get your girl mini-isolated and what to do during mini-isolation.


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