Asking Girls Out Over Text: A Big No-No If You Met In-Person | Girls Chase

Asking Girls Out Over Text: A Big No-No If You Met In-Person

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ask out over text or in-personDid you meet a cute girl but not really flirt with her or ask her out? Then later you texted her to ask her out but she blocked you? Here’s why it happens.

I keep seeing guys do this, so I guess it’s worth devoting its own article to to put an end to.

Some guy on Reddit writes that meeting women in real life is hard, after he tries asking a woman he met in real life out in a not-real-life medium:

I got this keyboard from this girl from buy nothing and when I picked it up I noticed she was really pretty so when I got home I messaged her again saying I thought she was pretty and asking if she was single. Then without a word she blocks me. What should I do differently in the future to not make her uncomfortable enough to block me? What can I do different to get a gf from it if that happens in the future?

There’s no mention there of whether she seemed to be interested in him or not. My guess is if she was he would’ve put that in. So obviously the odds are already stacked against him in this one.

Hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere.

But he goes and pulls the ultimate scaredy-cat move:

Met her in-person, didn’t ask her out, waited until he’d left her side, then texted her asking her out later. Cringe.

What’s so bad with that?

Nothing at all, nothing at all… well, assuming you want her to see you as cowardly and sneaky.

If you don’t want her to see you as cowardly and sneaky, you should never, ever ask a girl out over text who you COULD HAVE asked out in-person.


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