Tactics Tuesdays: Playful Behavior Mirroring with Women | Girls Chase

Tactics Tuesdays: Playful Behavior Mirroring with Women

Chase Amante

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playful girl behavior mirroringYou can mirror a woman's behavior to turn her on, break the pattern she's in, or even get her chasing. They key, of course, is calibrating this to her.

There's a tactic you can use to inject a lot of playfulness and looseness into your interactions with women.

It's a thing I call 'behavior mirroring'.

You've probably done this yourself from time to time. Usually if you've done it, you've done it to be playful, to break tension, or to point out something ridiculous a woman's doing.

All you're doing with it is mirroring for a woman - playfully - behavior that either she herself has displayed, or that women stereotypically display.

You can cover the whole gamut of extremes with this, too: from very subtle mirroring, to outlandish, over-the-top mirroring.

Let's have a look at how it works.


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