Tactics Tuesdays: 7 Rules to Help Guys Touch Girls Right | Girls Chase

Tactics Tuesdays: 7 Rules to Help Guys Touch Girls Right

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touch girls
Touching girls can seem scary when you’re inexperienced with women. But even experienced guys get touch wrong. With these 7 rules, you’ll get touch right.

Do you get touchier with a girl in the club?

Do you have to kiss her to get to the next club?

Is “more the merrier” true when it comes to physical escalation?

These are some of the most common questions of beginners, and probably the biggest misconceptions from intermediates. Everyone is under the impression that the more physical you get, the more likely a girl is to go home with you.

Yet, get physical at the wrong time, and your touch may have the opposite of the desired effect.

Is physicality sinking your chances at sealing the deal?

Denton FisherAbout the Author: Denton Fisher

Hailing from Las Vegas, Denton’s lived and breathed pickup in a quest to become the best. His focus is on bars, nightclubs, and other nightlife environs, and he’s taught numerous students in the field to get results with girls.


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