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How I Make New Friendships (6 Steps)

Chase Amante

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make new friendships
Lots of people struggle to make new friendships outside school or work (or even in these places). Yet, follow the 6 steps to new friends, and friends start to come easy.

Until I turned 19, I had no real friends. I had no idea how to make friends. I was disturbingly alone. It was painful.

Now I am 24 and can say that I am the leader and popular guy in every clique I am a part of.

What am I doing differently that changed things so much that now I write about the social arts for a site called GirlsChase? And how can you use my experience to make new friendships, enjoy an awesome social life... And, oh, by the way – get girls chasing you?

Denton FisherAbout the Author: Denton Fisher

Hailing from Las Vegas, Denton’s lived and breathed pickup in a quest to become the best. His focus is on bars, nightclubs, and other nightlife environs, and he’s taught numerous students in the field to get results with girls.


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