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Dance Floor Seduction

Chase Amante

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dance floor seductionWe've all seen him. The sweaty, leering dance floor guy who circles, stares and ultimately ends up herding girls towards guys who have the deftness to come in and 'save' them.

Unfortunately this is how a lot of guys end up being perceived on the dance floor despite their best intentions otherwise. They think it's a good idea to try and get on the dance floor to meet girls, yet they wind up feeling like just another dude in the crowd.

But we're going to learn how to avoid being that guy.

I'm going to take a slightly different tack in this article than Chase took in his piece on dance floor game; while his focus there was mostly on why to get girls off the dance floor, I'll talk a bit more here about what you can do on it.

If you learn how to approach on the dance floor it can be one of the more fun and sexually charged places to meet women, which can often lead to some very steamy interactions.

There is a relatively large barrier to entry though... so let's cover that first.


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