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If She Tells You Not to Wear a Condom, Wear a Condom

Chase Amante

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you don't need to wear a condom
If a woman tells you not to wear a condom, should you listen? Well, no – while going bareback can be fine sometimes, you don't want to do it with girls like this.

Imagine this: you've just brought a girl home from your usual method of seduction.

Perhaps you picked her up at a bar. Or you met her elsewhere then brought her on a date. Maybe you invited her over off a dating app.

Things have gone well, and the two of you are now in bed. She's topless, and you've cleared her final hurdle of last-minute resistance. You peel her jeans and panties off, then rip your pants off.

"You don't need a condom," she tells you. Her genitals are spread open in front of you and you're about to go in.

What's your reaction?

Gonna strap up anyway, or you going in rawhide?

If you're a 'condoms always' guy, that's an easy answer for you, I suppose.

But what if you're a 'condoms sometimes' guy?

How do you know if this girl is one of the 'sometimes'... or not?

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



MMS's picture

Yo Chase,

I do want to ask you a question unrelated to the main topic. Being perfectly honest, I do not really know who else to ask if I‘d expect a strong answer, so I try it this way. The subject is office politics.

I do work in a pretty competetive field and I am regularly encountered with amoral and vicious people who use every tactic possible to get to the top (and who‘s main focus is power, you can tell).
I am also pretty ambitious in my job and do have pretty good connection to my boss. However, and heres the point, I am CONSTANTLY being CHALLENGED be these sneaky people who try to establish dominance towards me. And I am quite hopeless because I do not know how to react. I used to defend myself and reject their challenges harshly (f.e. they implying that I do my task imperfectly, but saying it indirect and in a sense of „if you‘d do that different, then your work would be more efficient and it‘d be good for the patients“. But the way they say it, its crystal clear that its just to prove and show and belittle me). I used to reject that saying stuff like „You dont have to tell me, I know that“ and stuff, and they painted me as incorrectable abd arrogant, and also aggressive. This is far from truth because THEY are the ones challenging me and putting me in that situation.

However, ignoring the attacks only leads to my ego getting crushed because I lose the challenge. I do save face but I lose testosterone and confidence.

Right know I am thinking of rejecting the challenges again, seeing it as a „practice“ until I get more subtle and better at it. However, then I do think, it is my job in a pretty good hospital and I dont want to risk my reputation just for the sake of „practicing office politics“.

Do you have advice how I‘d handle it best? Cut down my question to: how to best handle office politics if you‘re not yet quite good and you dont want to risk your job by practising it there? And how do you personally deal with „ignoring“ social challenged? Because I feel that ignoring is a good choice but inevitably leads to testosterone reduction...

Mr.rob's picture

I had to learn this one the hard way.

Was always adamant about condom use then had a chick talk me out of it one late night pull. I was too tired to walk over to the dresser and get it and figured "eh what are the chances that the first ONS I raw dawg gives me an STD"...

Well next thing I know I'm in the doctors office getting multiple molluscum warts frozen off my shaft. Unfortunately there's a good chance that this viral infection played a role in weakening my immune system and making me more susceptible to the epstein barr virus infection I got soon after that triggered the disease ME/CFS and has left me partially disabled ever since.

So yeah guys take this advice seriously. Don't be a lazy fool, wrap up tight (EVERYTIME!!).

Where's the "don't be bitter" article when you need it?! Lolol

Ben's picture

damn rob that sucks :( When you told me you had something that kept you at home I didn't really understand what you meant by that. But for your first time hooking up and that happens to you and it lead to even more stds down the line is horrible. I hope this hasn't stopped any ladies from getting with you.

Adamant User 80% of the time's picture

Fairly average in terms of women guy here, not super high but higher than any normal guy I know

I'm insanely serious about condom usage with new girls. The ones that always get me are the ones I want to make a girlfriend though, eventually

Having said that, I've noticed that more and more I have this urge to ditch condoms. Not to the point of actually going without, but even with girlfriend's I've always fought the urge to finish inside them (even had a girlfriend beg me for it once and I was actually going to but then my body took control over me and pulled out on my behalf at the last second, kinda weird). I think it's become a fantasy at this point lol

Just need the stars to align where I can allow myself to do it. #NoBabies

James D's picture

Hi Chase,

Hope you're doing well!

Can you please consider writing an article on how to deal with power moves from other males?

I'm specifically talking of acquaintances (not friends) who are friendly and nice on the surface but display some sort of power moves.

Here are a few examples I saw or experienced:

- I was waiting for my girlfriend at a table, outside, on campus. This guy who I usually say hi to (acquaintance) walks up to me and asks me if he can join me with his buddy to eat. I politely decline, mentioning that I'll study here with my girlfriend, who's coming. He then comes to me, pinches my cheeks a bit and says "Ah, you're cute, studying with your girlfriend. Have fun." Then he leaves. Luckily, this did not happen in front of my girl. He came back later and I dismissed him mercilessly.

-Social situations: guys slapping others' back, grabbing them by the shoulders, etc

-Very friendly guy in a social group who tells me in front of everyone: "Hey, James, I'd like to have a word later" in a very father like way. Agreeing feels like buying into his frame completely. Yet, saying no might come across as rude since he's just being nice. (He told me to stop flirting with the girls cause it was disrespectful. I later realized what he wanted to achieve. Bad days).

The issue with those guys is that they come across as friendly and likable, which causes me to lower my guard around them. And their "power moves" can easily be interpreted for friendliness. It feels weird to call them out on it. He can easily reply "Cmon bro, what's up with you? I'm just being friendly."

I have a weird, submissive feeling when a guy does this to me. Friends are the only exceptions where the hugs, touches feel great.

I wonder if you have any ways to tackle this?

I saw your articles on disruptive men. However, this situation is a little different in the sense that the guys are not complete strangers, they are very nice and cool but will try to show dominance around girls via those power moves.

Ambiance's picture

When it comes to beautiful girls, I'm much less likely to wear a condom. The first time I didn't wear one with a new hookup was with one of the hottest girls I've been with. And I always wrap up with girls I'm not very excited about. I know the 1-10 scale has plenty of problems, but if this makes sense I will always wear condoms if a girl is a 7 or lower to me. 8s are hit or miss. 9+s I have to have a good reason to wear a condom with, otherwise I'm going raw.

MarriageFailure's picture

Hey, Chase,

I've been a reader of you for a while, got out of my shell to the real world and bam I've made average girl pregnant, didn't hold my ground enough so I married her because we've got a baby.
Things went just fine anyways (as we were dating a few months), until she got into habit of manipulating through playing damsel in distress. It's always something so bad for her that she needs help. She's young just turned 20, I'm nearly 30, we live on our own, but she constantly talks with her parents. Her mum was a despot leader in their family and now they attack me on anything just to poison my mind enough that I don't run away. They are so satisfied whenever I lose my shit and yell or do anything dumb, because now it's really my fault. For her parents it's always her who is right and she uses it to get what she wants from me when her own pressure is not enough and it becomes more common the better I become at controlling my temper.

I know I made mistakes to get there by not choosing the right person, but what is there to do now to stay sane? I would like to stay not guilty for the things I'm not, but she always views every action I do in a light of "it's your fault" and anything from offering divorce to any kind of stressful situations makes her fall on the ground, hurt herself and yell that it's me who beats her and will pay for it all with everything. Generally any rational steps I could take are interpreted as an attack on her and I'm the monster for them unless I accept domestication and succumb to whatever needs she has, take care of baby, food preparation or anything that she could instead of watching TV. That's the only times she's fine with things, but it's of course temporary as I'm the only breadwinner and can't always be there. I tried doing all the things at home for her and she than blames me for something anyway.

Is leaving her and the baby the only sane option?

Thanks in advance.

Henrik's picture

Hey Chase, love your content as always. For reference my current lay count is 82 girls. I have actually had the opposite experience with condom usage. I started out not caring about condoms and as I got more and more experienced I changed to always wear condoms with very few exceptions. Just less stressful afterwards. I always bring at least two condoms with me wherever I go because you never know where you'll meet the next girl.

The beauty of the girl doesn't have a noticeable effect on my desire to use condoms. It might be because what I truly enjoy is the feeling of winning when I sleep with a new girl.

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