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Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Chase Amante

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nice guys finish lastEven before I dove into actively learning how to improve myself with women, I knew that nice guys finished last. I mean, it’s basically a cliché at this point, right? Everyone knows it. Poor nice guys.


Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase, great article! I am currently pursuing a gorgeous girl that attends my college.
I'm not exactly a nice guy but I'm not a bad guy either. I've heard from her best friends that this girl has a dreadful taste in boys (likes bad boys) so I wondered if you could give some examples of how to deliver the perfect bad boy characteristics. Examples of a typical conversation on a date would really help. I, and I imagine many other guys reading this article will struggle with knowing what to say or how to say it. How to be bad without ending up being just an arrogant bastard that girls hate?

Anonymous's picture

I'm not chase but you gotta improv. You can't rehearse a conversation because responses will be different and if you don't get the response you were looking for you'll be left at a stump to say. It has to have flow to it. The only thing you should plan on saying to the girl is sex. At some point it has to wiggle its head in if you wanna do the same to her. Also you should probably develop your own style of bad. You have to do what you wanna do. Sure, James Dean smoked cigarettes but its not something I myself want to do just because it carries a bad boy image, mostly because it also carries a bunch of other things too (think impotence, lung cancer, throat cancer, bad breath, etc.) The best thing you can do is literally be yourself. That doesn't mean what most people think it means. It doesn't mean if you're a star wars geek you should go on a date in full darth vader drab. It means do what you want when you want it. Hence, be yourself. Plenty of guys think that if they're raised polite and nice that's who they are and that's what chicks want. That's being yourself right? Nope, it means have your way in anyway that doesn't end in rape. That's being yourself because that's what yourself wants. Girls have been saying this for god knows how long and guys thought it meant to actually be the closet freak who masturbates frequently and is shy because at their most comfortable that's who they are. But it doesn't mean to actually show off who they've been for the past 10, 20, maybe even 30 or 40 years. It means get what you want when and how you want it because deep down that's what every man wants. And that's who he truly is, and so he should be that which he wants.

ThatGuyChris's picture

Don't be asshole but be genuine goodhearted blahblahblah is impossible.
I couldn't ever be genuine and good hearted and can't self-love because asshole because the nice guy syndrome metastasized. OOPS!

I'm pretty sure this shit is impossible for someone suffering from the affliction such as myself, who learns slower, and is naturally just more timid and self aware of lack of visual/monetary offerings anyway.

Anonymous's picture

Please help Chase
I have competed with a badboy to go out with a women who is 32 a year older than me.She has seen me pretending to be a badboy and him as a very confident guy.He is 24.How can I get her to become my girlfriend and not go with him, without becoming a badboy? Impossible surely?

Risto's picture

First of all come here i wanna give you a big hug man !!!! ;)
Next, can you tell me what does it mean " a girl that disrespects you " ?? :o
Just a couple examples.

Thank you again, Chase.

Risto's picture

Can you explain this to me please Chase "certain of what they want, and unapologetic about their desires." A little bit detailed. What does these things mean?
Thank you. :)

Anonymous's picture

Well with the kind of women that are out there nowadays which is very sad, of course many of us real good nice guys will finish last.

wdunne's picture

Hi chase good article . Since joining this site my eyes have been opened and this site really strikes such a chord with me. I was contemplating the nice guy conundrum and I was thinking that after ten thousand years or so of human evolution nice guys have done a good job of propagating themselves seen as there are so many around in today's world .

Which makes me wonder are there periods in history when the nice guy reigns supreme?
I'd imagine in a world full of tough guys squaring up to each other would the nice guy be a breath of fresh air to women?

I also wonder are nice guys just conditioned by society/ cultural background/ feminism etc.
Most guys are born masculine grow to about 6 foot tall and are reasonably handsome.
So why do women place such importance on a learned behaviour in their mates if they can condition their children to be whatever they want after they are born. Or even re condition their mates.

Mario Rodgers's picture

Oh well excuuuuuse us if some of us men are not musclebound or rich or devastatingly handsome while by some sheer coincidence just happen to be kind.

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