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Making a Girl Jealous: Dos and Don'ts

Chase Amante

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make a girl jealousWouldn't it be great to have the girl you want green-eyed with envy and madly competing for you?

It'd be awesome... right?

Well, as you know, there are two sides to every coin. On the one side you have the oftentimes huge spike in attraction and investment you gain from a girl when she realizes she's jealous over you.

And on the other side... you risk becoming too aloof, too hard to get, and losing her altogether.

But, no risk, no reward, as they say. Learning how to make a girl jealous can be another mighty weapon in your seducer's arsenal. If you're not careful though, it can be a weapon you end up using with devastating effect... on yourself.

My intention here is to walk you through the mechanics of jealousy, using jealously plotlines to drive attraction and investment, and walking the tightrope between making girls chase you and sending them off ablaze in search of vengeance and validation.

As with any powerful technique, I must of course warn you... caveat emptor. Proceed here at your own discretion -- and at your own risk.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.



Anonymous's picture

I really love, love this girl but how do I know if she likes me back? I tried the jealousy thing and it works, to some extent. She seems upset that I've blown her off and then she comes back and talks to me later...I love her a lot but I think she likes someone else. How do I know without asking her?

coolio's picture

basicaly with me i never had the guts to ask but if im in ur situation ASK her because if she says no STUFF HER lol that means u can find an even better girl

matt36.'s picture

ok will i say text her or email her and let her no how you feel and if her has anything for you or she will hold back your live waiting for her because you not sure. i when through this same thing and i got stroke for 3 years tell to day i make up my mind and say this will change everything she may stop talk to me or get closer too me and i told her i dont what us to stop talk i tell you i love you because i want use to get closer. and she reply this has too stop. Am not intrested in you and not to be hard but dont email me these messages again and i will not stop talking to you because you my friend. For the last time i making this clear am not into you so if i smile at you or talk to you it dont mean i have a change of heart. So my friend i think she will turn you down like i get turn down but how i can move on and get at girls that been intrested in me but i was just only on her all along and i also learn that girl are hard to read because they show intrest work you up and then when you all hot you let you down so now am on the rejectifull side i will make her feel sorry she turn me down because i will show her it have other girls what want you turn down. it something i cant help what the website say about girls jealousing guys goes both ways i hope this help you. but i hope you may get through because i work myself up so hard not to fall apart if she says she not in to you.

Anonymous's picture

Wrong never email or txt if you want a real answer, instead don't bother just go see her face to face in fact tell her I'm coming over before you do this and that will get her really thinking oh shit I"m in big trouble now... It lets her know your serious about what your doing or going to talk about and that you can handle this. Guys it not hard it is the simple things that are the hardest that's why you don't see what to do. You just take it at face value and what that means is its superficial.... MEANING its not all that bad or good it just what it is. GOD is it sinking in lol just take it easy is what it means. Slow down girls love a guy that can take it slow, just go through every step even if she has another BF and she is you know with him every night
she figures if you want her that bad then your just going to have to (show her you can take it) Wait.. :) ok now go.

Anonymous's picture

Create a schedule of things you truly want to do, and focus on yourself instead of getting her. she will realize you are not gonna focus on her anymore. This will get to her trust me. Talk to other girls and every once in a while bring it up. If she is interested in whether you are dating said person, how close you to are, what your plans are in the long run for that relationship, or any signs of upset surprise, your in. Also get a wingman. It's sounds very middle school but find out if she likes you, if not, then take my advice, if she does, ask her out, but give it a week or two so she doesn't realize you found out from your wingman. Be a gentlemen, but stop being the same person. Don't keep texting first, stop hugging or your usual close activities. have her realize if she doesn't act shell lose your chance with you. finally, if you ever are in a situation where you both are very close and touchy, pull her in and kiss her (lightly and romantically pull her by the chin or jaw/neck). Trust me, that one is a hook line sinker. if you use that one though, DONT contact her until she contacts you, and if she says we need to talk, ask what is there to talk about. Don't make meaning out of meaningless things. i know this is probably a lot of random crap, but i hoped a little. i know that feel bro. I've used everything in this paragraph on the girl who i was trapped in the friend zone with for two years. we are now dating and its actually the greatest relationship I've ever been in ever.

Dave's picture

This problem just arose recently for me. During this whole jealousy plot, she's seem to gain interest for another guy. How should I handle this? Can he play an important role in the whole plot as well? Thanks a lot.

Anonymous's picture

Act like you don't care about the other guy and like you are of more value. She will be attracted to you, and have a female friend to further heighten her attraction.

Bilawal Malik's picture

Brother i understand ur situation... my suggestion is... if u love some one then stick on ur decission and whatever is going on just remain on ur opinion u love her too much. dont show emotional black mailing... now a day they know this technaquies... just give her too much care even she hate u but you should stick. then suddenly ask ok i am going far from u. dont text 3 to 7 days. it works 100%
she will be closer with u within 15 days

Journeyman Learning's picture

Bro, for real just be Alpha, cut in the middle of the conversation, say excuse me I just gotta steal her for a couple of minutes, make her grab you by the arm and walk her away. She will see you as a self assured mofo who she better not mess with and her puss puss will be wet as deep sea diver suit. lol From there you go ahead and just go in for the kiss like a boss.

Anonymous's picture

This... Is the most amazing f**king thing I have read in a really long time! but would these strategies work for a girl who has "thrown" you away? for example; you both liked eachother, however, she got sick of you and doesn't want to talk to you anymore. If not, then, oh well this still made my day. cheers

Anonymous's picture

What can you tell me about this? A very sexy Alpha male (obviously I am a woman) at my last job was pursuing me...a lot. In fact, last August things were so tension-ridden I wanted to leave the job and become a trucker (so that I would be in the driver's seat, so to speak). And my husband was on at me about "handling it". Ok...this guy was a bit younger than me but I did not know it at the time (no wonder he called me his "cougar"). And he was totally turned on by cougars.

I did not respond to his coming on to me (I am married!) but we did talk quite a bit (but never on a deep level) times he seemed genuinely interested in me. One day he found another male co-worker, in fact a friend of his, sitting near me and holding my hand. I did not pre-arrange or plan this...this "friend" also liked me and wanted to ask me out for lunch. However...Alpha male (Guy #1...Brian) became very jealous about me sitting with "Rick" who was holding my hand. Brian made a comment to me the next day, something to the effect of "you are not as unique as you think you are"...and I blew off at him...anyway...

A few days later...Brian started talking to and flirting with Gail, who shared job responsibilities with me. I was amazed at how jealous and hurt I was! keep it short...weeks went by with Brian and Gail always talking and becoming "bosom buddies" ...then I was out sick one day...the next day Brian caught up to me in the copy room and said, "Hey...I missed you yesterday..." and sounded like he really meant it. A few weeks after that he became flirtatious with me again...for a bit.

If he and Gail were very close and invested in each other...would he have said these things to me? What do you think was happening there? Brian is a player...but in today's world...who isn't? P.S. I no longer work there but think about him a lot...

Anonymous's picture

OK first thing is first if you think or sorry... "FELT" he meant it than he was coming off as such... Meaning he meant it!

So next thing is your married but your having second thoughts that's obvious so by the sounds of it your ready for more than just being married but is your hubby if not he just might lose you... No Correction WILL lose you.

What is your age if 20, 25 30, 35 than yes your looking for something or someone to simulate you. Your hubby best get on the "Ball" so to speak.

Anonymous's picture

I like her but I wasn't sure if she likes me. So one time I was talking to this other girl who was flirting with me the next day, the girl that I really like started giving me more attention. But there were many times that I feel like she just wants my attention and not want to pursue a relationship.

Anonymous's picture

In a nutshell, a guy that I'm friends with and I ended up sleeping together about a month ago (I'm a female, BTW). Going into it, he knew I liked him as more than a friend. That night, I TOLD him I liked him as more than a friend. Well, a month later, I'm still playing it cool and acting all "just friends"-ish just in case what we did weirded him out (he's skittish/shy/introverted) him his space, etc. It might be my imagination, but he's acting like he's starting to reciprocate feelings, (staring, doing what he can to get my attention, making me laugh) just judging from a few tell-tale signs anyway...not normal behavior for him. Now for the point of my story-- the past few days he's been talking about how "fine" some other women are to our mutual guy friend and even made it a point to look at me yesterday and go, "You jealous?!" and all I said was, "a little bit." and I shut-up and gritted my teeth. I'm trying not to give in and blow up at him but its like he's asking for it! I just wish he'd stop. It's really immature. Why would he be acting this way? Whether he likes me or not, I wish he'd just tell me. It's not like I'm pressuring him for a response though. like I said, I've just been acting like nothing happened and being friendly. So what the F is he doing?

James B's picture

He sounds like an immature jerk who doesn't know what he's trying to achieve, honestly.

He may have emotional issues, or he may just not be secure in his feelings for you.

Kudo's picture

Would this work with a girl youve known for a long time????
I have this girl i like but.she confuses me . She mess with me n sorta askes me out but then the next day shes hanging out with,this other guy n having their secerts conversation...... But the thing is she doez does the same thing with me. So does she like me??? She messes with me one day n is cold the next, what should i do???

Just a friend's picture

No, it's not going to work very well. You have a very slim window, the longer you've known a girl, the slimmer it gets. You have to be an extremely smooth operator, and an even better subtle manipulator for that. Practice up at nightclubs bud. Cheers.

Anonymous's picture

a girl i like is in LOVE with my best friend and i am in LOVE with her what should i do

Anonymous's picture

You have to do sweet things for her but leave it anonymous every time, like leave her a sweet note or something signed by anonymous , she wont know who its from but you may be giving her something her boyfriend is not and he might get jealous, so he might try to gain her attention back by trying to make her jealous but messes up, then u come for her rescue and give her attention in her comfort zone but do not make a move, she will soon realize who actually cares and who doesn't and will call u back to her and she will get your attention and she will fall for u as u are to her

freddy's picture

a girl i used to talk to and sleep with cheated on me and blew me off as jus being her friend... long story short i feel she still has a lil intrest in me and want to make her jealous so i can flip the upper hand wat do i do? thanx

The Tool's picture

Hey Freddy, Hope my insight helps, with this girl you say she cheated on you? and blows you off as just being her friend? Now I know it might be tough to hear but I would move on, I personally would never take or want a girl back that cheated on me, even though cheating is caused by both sides, your inability to make her satisfied with just you, and her sleeping around. My advice would be just to move on and find another girl. Have that abundance mentality this site always talks about ;) So yea skip the focus on her and go out and date other women.

Anonymous's picture

I can relate to this a lot. Honestly too many guys eventually fall into the "Resentful" category. Looking at how easy playing those steps could be, it's quite sad. I lost such a beautiful girl this past month due to pushing my "jealousy plotline" too far, now all I see from her in return is a stone cold heart towards me. My question is, once it backfires on you, how can you undo what happened and fix things. Not necessarily to make her like you back, at least just to be friends again. Is it possible? I am desperate to know...

Anonymous's picture

i love a girl very much but she had fall in love with my best friend and they were in a relationship after their break up i tried lot of things to get back her but she says I am a good guy but she dont want to be in a relationship with me, but after breaking up with my friend she got in a relationship with 4 or 5 guys but not with me. I think she is very desperate what should i do.please help me a love her a lot.

Anonymous's picture

You cant force someone to like u back if she doesnt want to date u she doesnt want to date you. You shouldnt be so friendly if you want to date her boyfriend not her best friend....Dont give her all your attention bit just enough to keep her interested....and dont cater to her every whim. Love her but dont LOVE her.

Anonymous's picture

Me and my ex broke up after years of being together 30 to 40 days ago. I love her and want to get her back. I know she is a very jealous creature and I was thinking about taking a girl out at a restaurant that her friends would see us. You think this is a wise tactic and what else should I do to make her jealous and want me back? your help will be a life saver!

Anonymous's picture

I work with a girl who through circumstance I became friends with, she is very beautiful and charming, and very sweet, but in a long term relationship with her guy who she loves dearly, they have bought a house together and plan to marry. Anyway as we grew closer as friends I started to grow very fond of her, and her behaviour was always that she was attracted to me to some degree, this I feel was a catalyst to my feelings towards her which after a year got to the point where I started falling in love with her. This made me pretty unhappy so I started to back away from the friendship, as I was feeling a bit jealous of her boyfriend and annoyed with myself for falling for a girl I'll never have. I work with a lot of women so female company is a something I can't avoid at work. Her response was to overtly befriend a new guy who started working with us, and act super keen on him, as if to say our friendship/feelings were nothing to her. Another guy she would and still does flirt with right in front of me whilst ignoring me, and she would talk about her boyfriend a lot after hardly mentioning him for months beforehand.
To be honest due to the way I cared about her, her behaviour did hurt me a lot, to the point where I didn't want to be around her at all, the more I backed away the more she would behave like this trying to get a reaction from me, which would cause me to back away further still. She seems to act like I'm in the wrong for backing away from the friendship, and has recently been acting pretty cold towards me, avoiding me as I did her. But to me it does not make sense that she would try and make me jealous if all it was to her was a friendship, friends don't behave that way. My conclusion is that she was just in it for the attention and enjoyed the favourable attention I gave her, and when I took it away she just moved on to someone else and tried to make me jealous maybe because she thought I didn't like her anymore. True I didn't like her, I loved her.
Anyway in conclusion I can say that yes making someone jealous is very much playing with fire, and in my own personal experience I have a very low tolerance towards that kind of behaviour and will drop a girl if she starts trying to play me that way, simply because girl players are expert at stringing guys along using this technique and I have become wise to it.
Be careful about pushing it too far, women are more sensitive to it generally, and the more they like you, the more making them jealous will hurt them.

Anonymous's picture

This girl and I had been dating two years, we both go to Uni, she lives in a flat on campus but I flatted with a guy off campus. So while we were going out, she invited me over to her flat, and no one else was there. We decided to make out in the hot-tub and then she popped a (not the) question, "Do you want to have sex?". I of-course, knowing that my parents would kill me, and not wanting pre-marridal intercourse, I said no. So we kept on making out, but I wasn't feeling it. So she said what most relationships have, "I think we should take a break." So I said 'okay..' and got out of the hot-tub and went back to my place. That night my bro and I had a open-invite party at our place (planned a week ago). At that party, I had quite a few beers and got a bit drunk. I started chatting up this really pretty girl (still a bit sober), and we hit it off. Ten minutes later, being a bit more drunk, I started fingering her. Some dude said 'get a room' so we went into my bedroom. She said 'I want to show you something' then she took off her bra and her underwear. Being drunk, I followed her orders of 'taking off my clothes and lying on the bed.' I knew what was going to come next. We hit it off all night and in the morning we were lying on the double bed, naked, just like in the movies. She was still asleep, so I got up, checked my cell and I had about 37 text messages from my ex-girlfreind. I called her back and she invited me to her place again. So I went there and we made up and had sex with her. Now neither of the girls knew about each other. So I kept on going back and forth between places, doing it with the girls. Everyday. Until one day they met each other. I was still into the first girlfriend, and she still liked me. Both the girls were competing for my affection, until one day, my ex-girlfriend just stopped talking to me. Should I use this method with the second girl to get back my ex, or should I do it with a different girl, or should I just stay with the second girl?

Anonymous's picture

So I'm dating a girl. We are both in college and shes been really messed up. She never answers my calls, get food and recieves food from other males in her class, accepts gifts and flowers from other men, and manages to turn it around on me when I get angry. Whats the right play here? What do I do to make her find me interesting enough for her to want me?

Lexi 's picture

Guys we girls don't care if your really hot not cute or whatever here let me tell you something THE ONLY THING that turns on is a guy who is a bit dirty ass and a bit gentlemen that's really it see, look I like a guy he's not perfect though and I AS A GIRL can't figure what makes me fall in love with him so much! One Day I figured out what really turns us girls is just being you and always making us laugh that's really it(: bye. Hope this helped.

Jimbo's picture

A genuine guy basically!

Prince Albert's picture

I have a problem...

I have been in a relationship with this older woman for 6 months. I am 28 years old turning 29 in a month and she is 39 years old.
My girlfriend has a friend and he is a man in his mid 30's and he is gay! last week I was at work until 10pm and my car was in the shop so she was supposed to come and pick me up. at about 7pm her and her homosexual friend went out for some drinks and she came with him to pick me up. I was tired and they asked me to go out with them for one drink. I respectively declined and not to mention I had a bad cold. They dropped me off at my house at 10:30pm and my girlfriend said " me and my friend are going out for some drinks we will be back at 11:30pm-12:00am (midnight). I waited at home and fell asleep, they finally arrived at my place at 3am just them two with a 40oz of vodka. They asked me to get up and have a drink again I said no. so her gay friend closed my bedroom door. I got up 15 minutes later and sat down at my computer. I have a couch beside my computer desk and my girlfriends friend sat on the end of the couch closest to me about 3 feet. my girlfriend then walks over to him and kneels down n the floor and crawls towards him she then grabs his hand and said,
"look at this tatoo on his hand, it says my name in big letters" she then kissed his hand, his forearm, his cheek and said "ILove You." I walked out of the room and asked my girlfriend to tell him to leave.

My girlfriend didnt think there was anything wrong with that display! she thinks that Im over reacting and that there is nothing between them but, I told her
"he has a dick doesnt he!?" 3 months ago for my girlfriends birthday he gave her a picture of my girlfriend and him beside eachother and it was framed!

-the tattoo of my girlfriends name
-the kneeling and the kissing and hugging
-just the two of them drinking together all night

I mean is there a reason I should be jealous or am I over reacting to the whole situation like she says?

I would like to expell these thoughts of jealousy from my mind! how can I move forward in my relationship without these thoughts of jealousy everytime she goes out with him or should a 39 year woman who is in a relationship be drinking all night with another man
(who is gay)? I need feedback please. thank you.

snakecharmer's picture

Your gf is friends with a guy who's homosexual. I used to live with a friend of mine who is homosexual, and he was very close to one of my other roommates who was a chick. Girls make-out etc. with their best buddies who are gay - its somehow a carefree feel good experience to women, and I've felt its sexual to only a point. Let me add one more experience I had; One of my good friends is a very attractive lesbian. We kiss whenever we go out - its a feel good thing, but its only sexual to a point. One night after a small party, on our way back home during a stopover at a bar, she mentioned to me that though she doesn't date men, but she does sleep with men she finds attractive, in other words, she indicated to me that I a romp with me wouldn't be a bad thing for her. I backed out since I considered her too close to sleep with and I was hung up on somebody. Long story short, I feel you are right if you are concerned, you need to tell her that you do not like it, and tell her that from a position of strength ("I do not like when you...") and not from a position of weakness ("I feel hurt when you... "). Afterall, if she cannot stop kissing another man if you don't like it, then you're not the most important man in her life. Sucks to say that, but true.

ron's picture

Albert, just read your story. Well sice he is a gay so not much to think about it but still... jealousy is not all about sex i guess. It rests a lot upon the emotional controls that one exercises upon his/her partner. you might have felt that the gay friend must have won ha large portion of her heart and thats why they can enjoy themselves. well its absolutely logical. its not only the body that we want to ensure but the mind also which is just full of unknown complexities.

Danny's picture

I really like my neighbour who is single and recently we have had cups of coffee together and cooked each other a meal. I have also done odd jobs for her and she has always given me a gift to say thank you.
Then I realised I loved her so I emailed and told her she was pretty and that I wanted to get close to her over time. I told her we made a good team. I am divorced and have 1 adult daughter who lives 600 miles from me so do not see her that often.
The girl did not reply so I pushed a note through her letterbox telling her that I thought I loved her.
The next day she got up late and after a few hours she emailed me saying she was quite shocked to get the note and it took her by surprise. She said she viewed me as a neighbour and didn't want to give me any false hope that something would happen in the future. Her email was polite and sensitive but I felt gutted.
She also said she would get someone else to mend her fence as a few months back I offered to help but I said I would do it for her and she said only if I gave her a price so she really was treating me like a handyman. I did it for her but I found her pulling away from and she didn't engage in as much conversation with me. I waited for her to sunbathe and then I went across to her with a piece of cake I had just made and she was a bit annoyed that I had interrupted her. She ate it (reluctantly) and she felt awkward but she was polite. I sat down right in front of her and watched her eat it and then she gave me the plate back and as I got up she said thank you and it was nice seeing me.
I was irritated by her attitude and her non interest in me so a day later I got a hooker to come and stay with me and I hoped the girl would see me with her and get jealous and want me.
I haven't seen the girl since but yesterday I felt sick and gutted and that I had made a mistake.

Any advice about this girl please. She seems content to live on her own.

Anonymous's picture

Theres a girl and I like her but she says she's seeing another person but she got angry at me cause I kised another girl what does tis mean?

Anonymous's picture

From a girls perspective, it sounds like she might be interested in you. I dont know all the details but from personal experience...thats what it sounds like.

Anonymous's picture

my girlfriend talk with her ex as a friend,should I allow her to continue

Anonymous I Am's picture

Please I need all the advise I can get to get my wife back. It's kindda complicated. We are both in our mid 30's, we are together since we were 16 and married at 18, we have 3 kids. Let's start with me. I let myself go for years and became really fat, I have always been a good father according to me and everyone else I know, I think I have been a good husband in many ways(don't go out drinking, all my money is for my wife and kids, I don't go out cheat with other women, I take her out to eat, I help with things in the house like cooking, doing the dishes, laundry, etc, but I also think I'm not much of a good husband in other things(I get grumpy often when she wants to impose her will on things I know are not beneficial to the family, like instead of paying the bills use the money so that she can get her nails or hair done, or sporadic things like that. She would want to go to visit her family and let them visit us daily for 5 to 6 hours every dngle day and I opposed due to my believes this is too much of an intrusion of my house and privacy and she would get angry at me and call me controlling etc. The thing is that they would show up to visit us many times at 10-11 pm even on school days of our kids and wont leave until 1,2,3 and sometimes at 3:30 am. To me i find it disrespectful to my house and even her find it annoying sometimes but overall she is ok with it and continues to encourage it while i get mad and end up having bad tempered discussions with her about this. Again she says im controlling and crap. Another thing that happened was when i told her i didnt want her to never go out again with her aunt because and after she took my wife to supposedely buy something at aplace and afterwards took her with her to meet and show her a good looking man(a hunk) that was pursuing her aunts daughter(24) for my wife to check him out and tell her what she thinks about that man. I told my wife i never wanted her to go out anywhere with her cause i dont want nobody taking my wife and mother of my kids checking no mens out and that it was very disrespectful to me and very inappropiate. My wife got angry at me as if i am supposed to be ok with her feminist aunt to take her to check mens out. Again she called me controlling.

Among many other crap that had been going on its like my wife wants to wear the pants and my belt too, if you know what i mean. Now thats where the problem is coming from. I tried for years to be reasonable and sometimes i had ket things slide, but i noticed that the more comprehensive i am, the more power she wants to grab, so i started to escalate more and defending my views and my decisions more and more and it still caused her to get angry at me for anything, as long as it contradicts her will. Im misserable living like this because im the man od the house and the leader but she does not want to see it this way and wants to do always her will at everything or else she gets furious. It went like this for the past 10-12 years or so out od the 18 years of marriage, fighting for my place and it sucks. But the truth is I love her with all my heart and i rather try to fix this than to throw it all in tje garbageand start over with someone new. Im a man of commitment and i dont want to give up on her and abandon her and break the family. I rather fix this. In my opinion i feel like she dont respect me and that she dont love me, value me as a husband and much less as a man. I take responsability for my actions and i admit that iys probably my own fault for not behave more like an alfa male i used to be and more like a pussy who left everything to make her happy, as i thought a husband should do. Obviously i was wrong and im in a mess now. I need to gain her respect, so that she can value me again and love me like she used to do before everything went to shiet.

Since we got separated almost two months ago i have been working out hard and i have lost about 50 pounds and im now 190 pounds and went from a pants size 44 to a size 36 and from xxlg shirts to large size shirts. People always tell me im good looking and i have even got a girl to give me her cell number a week ago while i went shopping for my new size clothes. My wife have not see me this thin and fit since we split and for ages for that matter. I know how to get in shape, my big problem is knowing the right things to do and say to gain a womens attention or respect or interest or whatever you call it. Thats what happen when you just dedicate to your job and famy and dont go out with other women sometimes. I need help on this area. How to talk to her, about what, how long, often, if i should look attentive or the opposite and act like i dont need her or like i dont give a fock. Our sex never stopped when we were together, but i found myself being the first one most of the time pursuing it, she started on rare ocasions.

Now this is where you guys come in. I would like some help to push me in the right direction so that i can make my wife appreciate me, maybe this jelousy thing is what is needed to jumpstart her feelings towards me in the way its described here, making her see that if other woman are interested in me that she might have a good worthy man after all, which i am, she just cant see it anymore. Probably because i spoiled her for so long, maybe, who knows.

Anyway we had a big fight about two months ago and we separated because she threw me out. Now she is living with her feminist aunt and dont want to even see me or talk to me. I know that many will tell me to moveon and dump her ungrateful ass, but like i said i love her and i want to fix this rather than give up on her and my family.

I dont even know if she loves me or not but i want to give it a shot before we finally call it over and probably divorce. So any advise on you players that you know on how to make a woman react, regret, reconsider or whatever, wether using jelousy, or other atraction steps that i can use to get her atenttion and interested or intrigued or whatever that could help me here it will be much appreciated it. Sorry for the weirness of my post, as you can tell im desperate. I love her andmy kids so much and i believe that love means suffering and making sacrifices for the person we love and im willing to do whatever it takes to try to fix this. If at the end it dont work well i guess ill move on, but i want to fight for my wife before throwing the towel. Right now im doing the no contact rule as best as possible, since we have kids together and we had to talk a couple of times but i kept it strictly aboutthe issues with the kids,,

Help me in the ways i could act, talk, or whatever to try to get her emotions rolling and get her interested, jelous or whatever helps us get back togetherand keep the family united again. I will try to save our relation first before just quitting. Thanks a lot for any advise guys and girls.

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I had my boss use NLP seduction techniques on me while running the jealousy plotline as well. I had a feeling he was trying to make me run after him. I also noticed some of my co workers were in on this and were trying to find out my feelings for him. I noticed however that he never got into conversations with me or chatted like he did with other people. What was going on here people?

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How do I know if a girl is trying to make me jealous or really doesn't bother? There's this girl I was really interested in (and somehow still am) I know from classes that tried to put me into the friend zone after I missed the window. I told her I wasn't interested in having a friendship and cut contact. But now when I'm sitting nearby her in classes she constantly brings the conversation with her female friends to guys she is dating, finds attractive, (and seemingly has all blown off). She even set up a date with a guy via phone while I was sitting like a meter behind her in way I couldn't miss. At the same time I sometimes keep her staring at me or giving me bedroom eyes at parties. I gave my best to appear indifferent.
It's kinda suspicious to me, because I can't remember her acting that way before.

What do you think? Does she only want attention?

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Ignore a girl, and she'll chase you. Ignore a woman, and she'll replace you.

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So Chase, i've kinda been like the guy you write about, the alpha male of the pack and all, like i could coldread from day one without knowing it was even called something, i just made the best out of it. but i was one for the thrill, not the one night stands and getting in her pants and all that (guess i got a lot of women who'd hate me for that):). Then i went reclusive, off the grid and got girl A pin from a friend, started chatting her up, nothing special, just being myself and keeping the predator at bay. See i was all for the conversation (it helps make my coldread better) and she damn fine so in the course of things, interests sparked, she invited me over for her birthday party (she knew i was a recluse so she invited my bro too, since that was the only way i wasnt going to flake and show up) the party was fun, like i could tell she really like me. Then she went to college in another city, the conversations reduced, she never returns my texts (thats been from day one), here's a girl who when i asked for her number her reply came in the form of "i thought you'd never ask". To cut it all short, i stopped calling, she doesn't call/text (as usual) and i started chatting with her bestfriend, girl B on twitter, it wasn't to make girl A jealous, girl B just put up a very interesting piece and i commented and we argued and she asked me to send her ebooks and from there she calls, texts, random texts, i return them and she's even got this idea of us hanging when she comes back from college (girl A and B, bestfriends, are in the same college) during the holiday. Surfing the net and i stumbled across your piece and while browsing through it popped in my head that being buddies with girl B while not being in touch with girl A might have made girl A jealous (cuz there was this time where i called girl B and girl A answered thinking i would know she was the one and i acted like i was oblivious it was her, she hung up and girl B called and said it was her elder sister, an obvious excuse). Well, Chase my good man, what do you suppose? Have i gotten girl A over and beyond the "jealousy curve"? If that's the case what should be my next line of action? I thought of texting her (no idea what i'll type yet) and maybe calling her later... I don't mind dos and donts, dont worry "i wont charge in blindly armed with only them" and how do i get girl A, as your whole stuff says "women chase" how do i get her to "chase me"??. See being reclusive hasn't helped much in this area. Losing skills:(

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Hi there is this girl I like and don't exactly know how to ask her out yet. The jealous card I might've done. I probably was not even paying attention. But she kept interrupting me when I was talking to girl 2. What should I do? Please I need help!

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What do you do when you push jealousy too far? How do you recover?

I had an amazing girl who I thought was mildly interested in me but she was playing games. So I ran a jealousy play going out on a date with another girl. It worked. Her interest spiked but I messed up and continued seeing the other girl. Now she's gone cold on me. I'm not convinced it is over though and I want to get her interest back but I DO NOT want to chase her, and, I want to continue seeing other girls. Any ideas how to pull this one off?

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I'm considering using jealousy to get this girl that I really dig.. We went out the other night and had a good time, and she talks about wanting to chill. Two nights in a row, we don't end up doing anything. I'm worried that if she is actually interested, getting with a different girl might scare her off. How can I tell if she is too scared to say yes or too nice to say no?

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I read somewhere that when some women get jealous over a guy, like their guy, they also get turned on by the whole dynamic. I wonder if that's true.

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