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Qualities That Propel You to Dating Success

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By: Tony Depp

Oct 9, 2019

If you want learn how to become successful with women as quickly as possible, these particular traits and mindsets will accelerate your progress.

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Do Seducers Seek Women's Approval?

Oct 3, 2019

If you go out to flirt and talk with women, and you set up dates, and have sex, does that mean what you’re really after is female approval? Well, yes and no.

seeking female approval

Pickup Practice

Sep 29, 2019

If you have a little trouble approaching (or sticking with it after the first few approaches), just switch yourself over to “pickup practice mode.”

pickup practice

Relentless Pragmatism Pt. 2: Flavors of Screening and Volume Game

Sep 19, 2019

Even if you focus on one seduction style, how you run it can bring wildly different results. Let’s examine how maximization and polarization influence volume game.

screeners and volume game

6 Big Secrets to Being ‘Fearless’ as a Man

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By: Tony Depp

Sep 18, 2019

Fear can be useful to avoid being eaten by lions. But when it comes to approaching women and living life to its fullest, you must learn how to be fearless.

how to be fearless

Depression and Dating: Get Laid Even If You're Depressed (Video)

Sep 15, 2019

Being depressed doesn’t have to ruin your sex life. You may think feeling down makes you wholly unattractive, but a sexy brooding state can be very attractive.

depression and sex life

Relentless Pragmatism Pt. 1: The Best Mindset to Get Better with Women

Sep 12, 2019

Attraction has many factors, so choosing what to focus on isn’t easy. This series will help you forge a path to reaching your goals with women, whatever they may be.

sexy elegant fundamentals

Harnessing the Seductive Power of the Dark Triad

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By: Tony Depp

Aug 28, 2019

Women are instinctively attracted to men with dark triad qualities. But you don’t have to be a psychopath to capitalize on that. The first step is learning to not care.

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"I'm Doing Everything to Succeed with Women but It's Still Not Working!"

Aug 27, 2019

If it feels like you're doing everything they told you you needed to do and it's still not working... you're probably not doing everything they told you you needed to do.

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Don't Chicken Out with Women; "Next Time" Never Comes

Aug 11, 2019

Right before you make a move with a girl, doubts kick in, and you chicken out. “Next time,” you tell yourself. But will you do it next time – will there even BE a next time?

dating next time

Double Standards Are Perfectly Okay

Jul 28, 2019

Guys get told they’re guilty of horrible double standards all the time. But are double standards actually a bad thing… and are they even real?

double standards

Before You Can Learn, First You Must Deprogram Unhelpful Beliefs

Jul 21, 2019

Before you can put new beliefs in, first you must push past old bad beliefs that conflict. But what if you don’t even know you have them?

deprogramming bad beliefs

Approach One Thousand Women and Believe

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By: Tony Depp

Jul 17, 2019

Is pickup just a bunch of snake oil? No, and you should take my word for it. After you’ve approached enough girls, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted.

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Getting Past Player Guilt (and Not Beating Yourself Up Over Casual Sex)

Jul 11, 2019

As long as you don’t give false expectations, you need not suffer from player guilt. In fact, denying her sex when she wants it is NOT the way to spare her feelings.

player guilt

The Girlfriend Pickup Dip

Jun 27, 2019

Once you start sleeping with a girl regularly, your drive to meet new women dips. What causes this, and is there a way to avoid this 'dip'?

girlfriend pickup dip