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Is a Woman Ever Really "Done with Hookups"?

Jul 15, 2018

Women tell you they’re “done with hookups” all the time. But when they say it, do they really mean it?

done with hookups

It Doesn't Matter What She's Thinking. Stop Chasing Rabbits

Jul 4, 2018

What is she thinking? Before you try to get inside her head, you must know this principle: taking action trumps reading minds.

what she's thinking

When Women "Don't Count" Guys They've Slept with Before

Jul 1, 2018

Some guys just don’t ‘count’ for women. They can hook up with them, date them… and yet, the guys still don’t count. Why do women do this, and how can you be a ‘doesn’t count’ guy yourself?

guy didn't count

Women Want Your Attention

Jun 6, 2018

Everybody likes attention. Yet with women, attention is more than a means to an end – getting your attention is very often the end itself.

women attention

Women Don't Know You Want to Have Sex If You Don't Tell Them

May 20, 2018

Despite the pop culture memes, women don’t actually know you definitely want sex… unless you make it clear to them.

women don't know you want sex

The Chad Test

Mar 31, 2018

If she likes you, but opts not to hook up with you, what does it mean? Why, it means you’ve failed her Chad test – and now she’ll make you wait.

chad test

Does She Know What She Wants? Many Female Desires Are Unconscious

Mar 22, 2018

What women say they want and what they actually choose often doesn’t line up. Why is so much of what women really want unconscious?

know what she wants

The Pleasure-Loving Man: Bring Out a Woman's Wild Side

Feb 28, 2018

All women have a wild side. But they won’t show it except to certain types of men. The pleasure-loving man knows how to bring this side out.

woman's wild side

Are Gorgeous Women More Difficult than Cute or Pretty Ones?

Feb 5, 2018

Some guys will tell you to get a beautiful girl, treat her the same as any girl. Good advice, but it’s worth keeping in mind: she isn’t, actually, the same as any girl.

gorgeous women

Girls Who are New in Town are Easier

Jan 14, 2018

The girl who’s new to town is easier to chat up, get dates with, sleep with, and make your girlfriend. But why? It’s down to social rank and newcomer identity.

new girl in town

If a Girl Has Sex with You Fast, Is She a Slut?

Jan 6, 2018

If she has sex with you fast, does that mean she’s easy? Well… it might. Yet you need a bigger sample size than one (i.e., just you and her) to really know.

fast sex slut

Female Standards Are an Opening Bid

Dec 21, 2017

Women have a lot of very high standards. They just don’t always stick to those standards. In fact, a lot of them usually get abandoned.

female standards

How Women's Tastes in Men Change as They Age

Dec 13, 2017

As a woman ages, her tastes in men change. What does an under-21 girl prefer that women 32+ do not? Read on and find out.

women's tastes in men

Always Plan for a Woman to Change

Dec 9, 2017

A woman can be fickle and changeable. But why is this so? Science shows us this fickleness is an inherent aspect of female decision making.

woman changes

Harvey Weinstein, Gropocalypse, and the #MeToo Campaign

Nov 26, 2017

The roiling Harvey Weinstein Hollywood sex scandal was caused by a unique mix of perversion, sexual power dynamics, and the twilight of feminism.

gropocalypse meetoo