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Harvey Weinstein, Gropocalypse, and the #MeToo Campaign

Nov Sun,2017

The roiling Harvey Weinstein Hollywood sex scandal was caused by a unique mix of perversion, sexual power dynamics, and the twilight of feminism.

gropocalypse meetoo

Female Morality: 5 Different Moral Perspectives

Nov Sat,2017

Morality is a varied field, and we can view women’s morality in quite different ways... depending on which of 5 branches of morality we use.

women's morality

The Beauty, Greatness, and Goodness of Female Moral Nature

Nov Wed,2017

Female morality can seem alien to men – and men fear what they do not understand. Yet the moral woman can be man’s greatest lover and supporter… if he is willing to be a moral man.

female moral nature

Women Do Not Care About Morality

Nov Mon,2017

Female morality revolves around one central tenet: is this good for her sexual strategy? If yes, do it / agree with it / subscribe to it. If no, don’t.

female morality

Girls Who Seek Attention, Part I: What Are "Attention Seekers"?

Nov Fri,2017

Women love to get attention from men. Why girls become attention seekers, and how to interpret what they want, is key to getting somewhere with them.

girls seek attention

Why Girls Sleep with Cads Fast (and Put Boyfriends on the Slow Track)

Nov Thu,2017

Girls “slow track” boyfriend candidates for a variety of reasons. So what must you do to be the guy on the fast track – to her bedroom and beyond?

boyfriend slow track

Flirt Games: Cockteases, Attention Whores, and FRAs

Oct Wed,2017

Girls play the role of cocktease or attention whore (or worse) because these roles can be fun. But what’s the psychology behind this kind of “fun”?


A Day in the Life of the 21st Century Woman

Oct Thu,2017

What’s a normal day look like for a regular girl? Work, friends, gym, guys – lots of guys, of all kinds – and that’s just the start.

a day in the life of a woman

Hot/Crazy Girls are Easier than Hot/Sane Girls

Sep Sun,2017

Why do guys so often end up with hot-but-crazy girls as their breakthrough girlfriends? Due to the hot/crazy discount.

crazy girls are easy

Are Women Chronic Liars?

Aug Wed,2017

Women and lying go together like ice cream and sprinkles. But do women chronically lie? Can they not tell the truth – or do they do so strategically?

women chronic liars

"I Hate You" and Other Fiesty Behaviors

Aug Wed,2017

When a woman tells you she hates you, it’s not a bad sign. And when you trigger behavior like this, you know you’re doing something right.

i hate you

How Slutty is She? 7 Ways to Gauge Her Sluttiness

Aug Mon,2017

Girls won’t just out and tell you when they’re sluts. You need to do some digging. Yet different kinds of sluttiness shows up in different ways...

how slutty is she

21 Signs She's a Psycho You Should Ghost on at the Bar

Aug Tue,2017

How do you know a girl is crazy, and best avoided when you meet her at the bar? Look for these 21 signs... and keep your distance!

signs she's a psycho

Tactics Tuesdays: How to Screen Out * Diggers

Aug Tue,2017

An * digger is a girl who picks which guy to date via one single quality: his muscles, or skin color, or wallet, or military status, or more.

screening diggers

The Feminine Conundrum: Why Do Women Contradict Themselves So Much?

Jul Sun,2017

Women contradict themselves a lot. But they don’t always do so for the same reasons... They have 5 different ones, in fact.

women contradict themselves