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How Moving Too Slow Can Make a Girl Auto-Reject

Jun 6, 2019

I had such a great date, but now she won’t meet up again! WTF? Sometimes if you move too slowly, it’ll negatively affect her self-esteem and cause her to auto-reject.

moving too slow auto-rejection

Each Woman Has Different Tastes

May 14, 2019

Each woman has her own different, unique taste in men. While there are similarities across women, the variations are broad... just as they are in men's taste in women.

women tastes in men

How a Woman’s Self-Esteem Issues Can Make Her Bail Out of a Courtship

May 2, 2019

You could have a woman seduced and ready to have sex. You two could even be naked in bed. But certain self-esteem issues can still make her bail if you’re not careful.

woman's self esteem in dating

Girls Who Chase Aggressively vs. Girls Who Do Not

Apr 6, 2019

Girls chase men differently. Some chase in aggressive ways: they'll ask you out and touch you lots. Yet others are far more demure in how they chase.

girls chase

9 Things Women Want from the Men Around Them

Feb 11, 2019

What do women want in men? The “what” is relatively simple; but in a romantic context, it’s also about what you should and shouldn’t give them as a man.

What Women Like in Men

Jealous Women Can Be a Good Thing, If You're a Guy (Video)

Feb 9, 2019

Jealously can sometimes get out of control in a relationship. But today let’s talk about some positive aspects of jealousy and how you can put it to good use.

Jealous Women Can Be a Good Thing

Do Women Lack Agency?

Feb 2, 2019

Both feminists and manosphere men make the claim that women lack agency. Do they actually... and if so, in what way?

women have agency

How Women Test Men in the Face of Sexual Desire

Jan 31, 2019

If you show sexual desire toward a girl you just met, she’ll throw tests your way. If you pass with flying colors, she might get excited to have sex with you.

tests in the face of sexual desire

Women Are Emotional (But Not Irrational) – The Method Behind the Madness

Dec 10, 2018

Think women are crazy? If so, it’s probably because you’ve dated one. Fact is, beneath their seemingly emotional disarray, you’ll find a high level of rationality.

Women Are Emotional But Not Irrational

11 Ways Women Express Interest that Most Guys Miss

Nov 4, 2018

Women use subtle ways to express their interest. Keep an eye out for these 11 signs though, and women's subtle signals become clear as day.

When Psycho Women Leave Stuff at Your Place

Sep 28, 2018

Most of the time, it’s by accident, but some women leave stuff at guys’ places with ulterior motives... and not good ones. Here’s how to tell, and what to do about it.

When Psycho Women Leave Stuff at Your Place

Clara Talks with Us About Approaching Women and Being Direct

Sep 22, 2018

We ran into the beautiful Clara while out filming, and she accepted my offer to interview her and get her insights on direct approaches and showing interest.

Approaching Women and Being Direct

How to Smoothly Reframe Her Objections for a Better Date

Aug 30, 2018

Getting past a woman’s objections to sexual escalation can be as easy as showing you understand her perspective... then reframing it into something better.

How to Reframe Her Objections

A Guy with [X] Is Like A Girl with [Y]

Aug 26, 2018

How important are various characteristics to the opposite sex? A guy with [X], in fact, is less like a girl with [X], and more like a girl with [Y].

guy is like girl with

Female Sub-Communication Tactics: Scapegoat Framing

Aug 2, 2018

Women often reference third parties to covertly obtain info about you and what you want. Understanding this clandestine woman-speak can be very useful!

Scapegoat Frame