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Articles by Author: Alek Rolstad

Pickup and Seduction Gambit: The Mental G-Spot

pickup seduction gambit - mental g-spot
This seduction gambit stimulates her mind and frames you as a good lover. It also employs social proof and preselection to imply you can give her amazing orgasms.

Today I am going to share another sex-talk gambit that is well suited for night game.

Some of you may adjust it or create variations to make it fit day game. This gambit is far less abstract and more playful than some of my previous ones.

It also is on the easier side in terms of pulling off successfully.

You’ll find fewer advanced theoretical concepts in this one, and more basic ideas than many other gambits. So, if you find my previous gambits too complex, with overly advanced concepts, this one is for you.

This post is suited for anyone with:

I’ll make this “gambit” post a bit shorter than usual. Let’s get straight to it.

What to Do In Field When Not Talking to Girls

what to do when not talking to girls
When you go out to pick up women, you won’t always be talking to girls. These tips will help you avoid looking lame when you’re alone between sets.

When you head out to pick up women, you will realize that you usually spend a lot of time alone, not talking to women. It saddens me to say it, but it's true; talking to girls is more fun than being alone or talking to your buddy (at least when you're out trying to get laid).

There are times when you will not be interacting with women. Does that mean you are doing a bad job? Not necessarily. Some nights you will always be in a set because you will feel energized, on fire, and talkative. Other nights, not so much. Every night is different.

Today let’s look at an important but under-discussed subject: what to do when you are out but not in a set or talking to a girl.

Learning what to do when not talking to women is actually pretty important because it's easy to look lame hanging out in a club all by yourself.

This article is suited for night gamers of all skill levels.

If you like to go out solo, this article is especially for you. And if you go out with a wingman, you can still apply these concepts, even though you can always chill and chat with him without looking bad. Just make sure you and your wingman follow these rules:

  • Face the crowd to see potential approach invitations

  • Don’t appear completely sealed off. Don’t face each other 100%; make sure you also face the crowd and position yourself so you are open to meeting people

  • It must look like your bro is the coolest guy you are talking to ever (and vice versa) and that you are having a good time

With that said, let's get to it.

How to Deal with Freeze-Ups when Trying New Venues, Part 2

social freeze ups
Social freeze-ups can happen anywhere, even venues you’re familiar with. So here are more ways to set things in motion and turn a sour mood into a sexy vibe.

Hey, guys. Welcome back. Last time we discussed overall strategies to prevent and handle potential freeze-ups when frequenting new venues. Today we will delve deeper into this topic. Let’s focus on practical tools that can help you counteract potential anxiety in the field.

Last time we focused primarily on dealing with new venues, since these are usually a source of potential nervousness. You do not feel fully at home in new environments, and they can be a bit scary.

I’ve mentioned that freeze-ups can also happen in familiar venues where you do feel at home, too.

Even though you’ve been to a place many times and have had great nights and much success there, there can be nights where you still struggle and have a hard time interacting with others. So here are some more general solutions that will also help in familiar places.

How to Deal with Freeze-Ups when Trying New Venues, Part 1

social freeze ups
The experience you gain by going to different venues is invaluable, but it’s easy to freeze up socially in new environments. This is normal, but not untreatable.

Hey, guys. Welcome back. Today, I’ll discuss club game issues that are relevant to everyone at any level. What do you do when you experience a “social” freeze-up at a club?

Sometimes guys freeze up when entering a club. They feel unable to approach women or groups. Their anxiety rises, and they start feeling anti-social, and not in the mood.

If you are experiencing this, you are likely entering what psychology calls “freeze mode.”

Guys freezing up will often rationalize that the venue is bad for hooking up and start seeing negativity everywhere:

The list goes on.

When you enter freeze mode, and you don’t feel social, you start seeing negativity everywhere. And most of the time, it’s just a bias created by your mood.

So let’s discuss what causes this mood and then discuss some solutions to help you successfully move forward in these situations.

Does Having Money Really Help You Get Laid?

does money get you laid
Women are attracted to money. Duh. But how does wealth impact your ability to get laid? In some ways, it helps, but it also comes with considerable drawbacks.

Hey, guys. Today I’ll share my experiences on a very opinionated topic: how money and wealth play into the mating game. Specifically, I’d like to discuss whether wealth plays a role in hooking up with women, or if it works against you.

I derive many details from my personal experiences and observations.

In the end, I’ll make a normative moral statement, just an opinion that you are welcome to disagree with.

Before I begin, I must mention that wealth holds different values in different countries. It depends where you live, and can matter more in other areas. For example, in developing countries, wealth equals strength, which is attractive. In Scandinavian countries, wealth matters very little.

It is for these reasons that I have held back from writing such a post in the past. I was living in Scandinavia, and I had traveled a lot but not enough to make general, in-depth sociological observations.

I now live in Central Europe, more precisely, in Paris. Wealth matters much more here. Clubs are flashy, and Paris is known for its bourgeoisie. The high-end clubs here are truly HIGH END.

But does money matter? Yes, but when does it truly matter? And when does it work against you?

Let’s discuss this here.

And just FYI, I am not rich.

Attractive Traits Are Useless If They're Not Perceived

convey attractive traits
You can be the coolest guy in the room, but no one will care unless you’re perceived as such. How do you convey attractive traits, and which traits should you focus on?

Today’s post is one that I have wanted to write about for a long time, not because I find it ground-breaking, but because it covers crucial elements of understanding pickup and seduction.

Many of you have already figured out the concepts I’ll mention. That’s cool. It’s always good to get confirmation from someone else.

Others will find the points I make intuitive, and that’s cool, too, because my post may help you put into words (or perhaps “new words” or “different words”) something you have already thought about.

And some will read this without having any past ideas or opinions on the matter. If that’s you, great! You will learn something new.

This post is a key pillar to help you understand the big picture of how pickup and seduction works. Ideally, this post will help you tie some things together to give you a better understanding.

I believe this post is suited for everyone, beginners and pros alike. No matter your style, or whether you like to meet girls online, in clubs, or on the street, this one is for you.

Let’s get on with it.

The Cuck Frame Pickup Gambit: "Watch Me Bang Another Chick!"

pickup seduction technique
Here’s a spicy pickup technique I’ve had lots of success with. It makes you seem sexually experienced and high value while sparking intrigue and jealousy!

Hey guys, and welcome back. Today I will share with you a savage pickup technique. Yes! It works crazy well, and it sets useful frames that speed up the process.

It’s a deadly technique that has given me tons of lays. To many, it may seem quite reckless and risky, and I can see why. However, my success rate using it has been very high. When it hasn’t worked, it hasn’t led to any rejections or bad vibes.

So, I consider it rather safe with predominantly positive returns. But there are potential caveats, and I will cover those.

This post is recommended for intermediate to advanced users as it will require the following to pull it off properly:

This technique is generally for night game, although you are always welcome to find other applications.

The Tequila Gambit: Get Her Isolated with You

seduction gambit tequila
Here’s a great seduction gambit based on anti-climaxes and creating intrigue. This one is designed specifically to get her isolated with you. Tequila!

Hey, guys! It’s time to share another gambit that is part of the seduction stack I currently use in the field.

Previously, we discussed how to use anti-climaxes to stimulate her and be intriguing while also setting a sexual frame. Today we will still use anti-climaxes to build intrigue and stimulate her, but we will also introduce a tool to generate a high note that can allow you to isolate her in a smooth way.

Isolation is the subject for today. This post will give you another tool to isolate women!

Let's begin with a discussion about why it's so important to isolate your girl.

Pickup and Seduction Gambit: The Anti-Climax Routine

pickup seduction gambit
The anti-climax gambit piques her interest and imagination but delivers comic disappointment. It helps you avoid potential resistance and leaves her wanting more.

Today I want to share a cool technique I have found that excites women. It’s a great tool to add juice to your conversations, stimulate her emotionally, and perhaps help set a sexual frame.

I've only tried this technique with night game. I am sure some of you can experiment with it and find other ways to implement it. For instance, you could apply a toned-down version of it for day game, or use something like this during a date (as you get further into it).

This post is suited for beginners who have learned the fundamentals of interesting and captivating conversation. However, intermediates will gain the most benefits from this technique.

That said, this technique is not hard to pull off.

I will share my example, but you are more than welcome to create your variations or use the concepts in this technique to create your own. This is the beauty of such posts. You may or may not like a technique, but you can always steal something from it, and that something can be an essential part of your repertoire.

If you are looking for sex talk gambits, you’ll be happy because the example I use here is one of them.

The "Hover and Disqualify" Pickup Technique

hovering pickup technique
Girls crave attention and are prone to jealousy. The “hover and disqualify” technique uses those emotions to trigger the chase instinct in any girl you choose.

Hey, guys! Here’s a simple pickup technique you can add to your arsenal. At least try it out. Maybe it will be a technique that works well for you and becomes invaluable!

As far as pickup techniques go, which are the best? That’s a hard question to answer, for many reasons. A reason often disregarded is that some techniques fit certain people better than others.

What factors determine the best technique for you?

The last reason is that pickup must be fun, or it will burn you out. Personally, I can't relate to every good technique and gambit, and I don’t necessarily find them all fun to use.

The only way to truly find out is to try them. Many guys go out there with a bias of “this will not work for me” or “this is not juicy/fun/cool” without having any good reasons to believe so. Usually, their biases tend to be corrected once they try out the technique. So, don’t miss out on anything; try everything!

The technique I’m about to share is both easy to understand and pull off. It does not require a weird or funky personality. This technique is universal and suitable for players of all levels. Yes, beginners may have some success with it, too.

It’s only been used in night game locations like clubs and bars. I have not tried it out in other places yet. So feel free to experiment.

But one thing's for sure: it works crazy well on dance floors!

Let’s get into it.