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Teasing Girls to Their Friends

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teasing a girl to her friendsIf you meet a group where the friends are receptive but the girl you want isn’t, what do you do? Simple: you win over the friends, and tease the standoffish girl.

This is more of a technique for higher intermediate to advanced seducers, though lower intermediates can toy around with it too (though expect to fail a lot).

Beginners should not attempt this... it will just blow up your face as a beginner.

However, for today, let's talk about a flirtation tactic that can be quite powerful yet requires finesse.

The tactic in question is teasing women to their friends.

This tactic is POWERFUL at achieving a few distinct things:

  • Building camaraderie with a woman's friend group, so they like you and won't cockblock you
  • Establishing yourself as a part of a woman's group, so you appear more 'friend-approved' to her
  • Creating a teasy-flirtatious vibe with the woman you like even if she's resistant to you
  • Grabbing some social rank in a woman's friend group where you position her a bit beneath you

The effect of it all is that, when executed right, the girl you want will start to chase you, no matter how closed off she was before.

Note: a lot of the basic theory behind this works exactly the same as the old school PUA neg. We're just doing slightly more fun teases, instead of using backhanded compliments.

However, because of the risks of both teasing someone you're not engaged with, and the social rank grabbing you'll be doing, this one's also a bit tricky.

You see, people don't like strangers opining about them, and they don't like you status jockeying with them, either, especially not in their own groups. Because it's her group, she has home turf advantage, too.

So, annoy her too much, and you may quickly find yourself shut out of the group, regardless how much the others laughed at your ribbing of her.

Thus, this is a tactic that is often very useful -- but with which you must be careful.


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