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The Slow-Build Kiss

Chase Amante

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TEXTWhen the situation isn’t perfect for a smooch, use the slow-build kiss. Seed the kiss, get her thinking about it, then –once you’ve prepared her for it – kiss her.

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation – whether in public or alone – where you know you should kiss a girl, but the setup just isn’t right. Even if you know how to kiss a girl you just can’t pull it off properly.

You might be physically far away from her, with no smooth way to bridge the distance.

She might be putting up walls, one of those “she wants it but she’s afraid of it”-type scenarios.

You might have created a moment, only for her to pull away or otherwise disrupt it.

If you go charging in like a bull and just go for it, well… it might work.

It might also lead to her recoiling, and now you’ve got a lot more work to do to smooth things out to build back up to a kiss again – when instead you could’ve done it right from the get-go.

The way you kiss a girl right in imperfect situations like this isn’t barreling in.

Instead, it is by using the slow-build kiss – a kiss that primes her for what’s coming, building anticipation for the kiss, before your lips ever touch hers.


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