Attraction Models: Can You Combine VAC + SAC? | Girls Chase

Attraction Models: Can You Combine VAC + SAC?

Chase Amante

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VAC vs. SAC attraction models in seductionVAC and SAC are both powerful attraction models. Once you’re familiar with both, however, can you mix and match them for attracting girls – and if so, how?

A little while ago Alek Rolstad asked me to write on combining the VAC and SAC attraction models.

This article won’t be as useful to you if you’re not already familiar with both. However, I will give you summaries of each as refreshers, or if you’re new to them and want to try to follow along.

VAC and SAC are each powerful “attraction models” used to understand where in a courtship or seduction you stand with a woman, and what you must focus on with her next/most. Either model can be used with any method or system of seduction; because each is a model used for understanding and building attraction, they “bolt onto” whatever your seductive approach may be:

  • Do you have a series of routines and gambits you use with the women you approach? Use an attraction model to gauge which gambit is going to work best to move things forward with her next. Or use it to diagnose why something that seems like it should work might not be working.

  • Are you a free-flowing natural-game type whose routines are more habits than specific spiels? Use an attraction model to determine which way the “flow” of your seduction should go, or put a finger on why you’re encountering resistance (plus what to do to overcome it).

Attraction models essentially serve as guides and troubleshooters to allow you to create smoother seductions and resolve issues that appear within your seductions.

But if you’re familiar with both VAC and SAC, can you “bolt on” both? Should you just choose one? Do they conflict? How do these different attraction models intersect?


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