Advanced Calibration, Pt. 3: Spiking Arousal and Context | Girls Chase

Advanced Calibration, Pt. 3: Spiking Arousal and Context

Chase Amante

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spiking arousal and contextJust because it’s the right time during the seduction to arouse her doesn’t mean the context for it is right. You must calibrate to the circumstances you’ll arouse in, too.

Hey guys, and welcome back.

Lately, I’ve been exploring how to calibrate emotional spikes (making her laugh, saying, or doing something that excites her) and sexual spikes (arousal).

The idea is to use spikes to create high notes. Emotional spikes offer a boost of compliance that is quite powerful but not long-lasting. You need to use those spikes to move the interaction forward, whether moving her around or setting a frame that will benefit you throughout the interaction. Remember, emotional stimulation is not long-lasting. Frames are more sustainable. If you do not set a frame, you are stimulating her for no reason since once the emotions fade, you are back at square one.

If we assume that stimulation is a tool to facilitate setting frames and moving her around (logistical escalation), the role of arousal is less clear. When should you focus on arousal in the interaction? Are there times where arousing her is more crucial? And is it necessary to focus on arousal? These are the questions I will answer while helping you see how each aspect fits in the seduction process at different moments, given the context, so you can calibrate better.

We have previously discussed how to calibrate to the girl when it comes to spiking—not all girls can be spiked equally. Not all girls can be aroused publicly (in venues); it is not always the best strategy. Remember that all girls are different, and each may act differently from day to day and may feel differently.

This time, we’ll take a contextual and logistical approach.


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