3 Sex Talk Gambits So Bold & Explicit They Arouse Girls Instantly | Girls Chase

3 Sex Talk Gambits So Bold & Explicit They Arouse Girls Instantly

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arouse girls with sex talkBold, explicit sex talk can really turn a girl on. What exactly should you SAY though? Easy: use one of THESE 3 sex talk routines to melt her loins…

Hey guys. Welcome back.

Today I want to discuss three different sex talk gambits. I shared three shorter gambits a few years ago. These gambits have become popular, given student feedback from my coaching sessions and the forum comments.

See 3 Sex Gambits: Good/Bad Sex, Sex is Unfair, and the Dark Side.

These gambits are popular because they are short, easy to understand, and simple to pull off without being complex or verbose. They don’t require much memorization, as you should not try to memorize these gambits word-for-word. Instead, use these examples as inspiration and deliver the content with your OWN words, depending on the girl and context.

You may remember my post a few weeks ago when I went over light versus bold sex talk. Light talk is less explicit (but not less powerful) and more suited for the early game to hook and convey intriguing and attractive traits about you by hinting that you are a good lover. Bold sex talk conveys sexual prizing (you are a good lover); it also helps escalate the vibe and turn her on.

My last mini-gambit compilation provides a list of light gambits suited for the earlier part of the seduction process. Of course, you can use them later in your interactions; I do it often! Switching to lighter gambits between the late-game’s bolder ones can sometimes be a good call!

Note that short gambits do not make them less powerful. They can be ideal when you cannot talk for long, or it is too loud or chaotic to have deep and complex conversations.

That said, I am providing short gambits here; however, that does not mean you cannot expand upon them or spend more time elaborating on the concepts and themes of these gambits. You may even want to add additional dimensions to them. You surely can! I have done so in-field.


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