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Secrets to Getting Girls: The Last 5%

last 5%I was sitting in a nightclub tonight, smoke and booze surrounding me, sipping on a Jack and Coke (or what passes for one in this country), and thinking about some past interactions and feeling vaguely annoyed. There was the girl on Saturday whose friend was pushing her to go home with me as hard as she could, but the girl was a little too shy and wanted to push that back.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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Teflon's picture

I have been doing this pick up stuff since 1997 and grew up as a natural (I worked in the film industry and photo assisted for some mens mags while in college so models, Playboy chicks and industry girls were always easier for me than civilians.)

But this is how I can tell you are not in the U.S.: the fact you have girls literally pushing their friends on you. The only place in North America where I've seen girls actively encourage and lobby their friends to go home with some strange guy is Montreal Canada. (Montreal also happens to have the best nightlife because of this and Canadian girls love American guys)

This notion of girls pushing their friends onto a guy to take them home is much more common in other countries (I've traveled to 35 countries so far, including South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Japan and the Middle East). This behavior from girls, for the most part, is NOT happening in the U.S. - most girls here cock-block as you know, and guys AMOG. The U.S. is a culture of running interference and jealousy, which is a scarcity mentality, not an abundance mentality. But even in Canada I had other guys encouraging girls to leave with me - only in Montreal.

So while your articles and info is some of the best I've read and are skewed towards a more natural form of game, which I have been doing for years, you need to point out at all times that you are OUTSIDE the U.S. and therefore your rates for closing are going to be even higher than if you were in the states.

FACT: After running game and mastering pick-up in the U.S. - well that's like playing for the Yankees... Every other country is like going back to Double AA Ball. That's why I tell guys to buy plane tickets and not dinners. : )



koper's picture

Hey Chase,great article again man.
My question is this:If you DO f**t it up during the last 5% but you keep contact with her and she is genuily busy,what would you do?
Be confident and arrange a meeting no matter what or let her take her time?
Thanks in advance mate,you articles are eye-opening!

Dryphter's picture

Exactly what Koper asked..I'm in the same situation..what do I do??

Anonymous's picture

Exactly what Dryphter asked.. Chase can you please answer!? cant find it anywhere. She's busy says No i cant. If you ask again you are chasing? Or give her little bit time (couple of days) and ask her then?

Franco's picture

You really can't f**k up the last 5%... that part is very important. If you've known her for a long time, you might get another chance. But if you don't close the deal the first time, it becomes a LOT harder to get her to that point the second time. There can be multiple reasons, but the main two seem to be this:

1) If you back off based on her last-minute resistance (i.e. she is saying things like "I'm not sure..." or "it might ruin our friendship..."), then you are validating her concerns. She'll legitimately think you backed off because you are not looking for something more than a one-night roll in the hay.

2) You show weakness. Remember, if she REALLY doesn't want to sleep with you, she can leave. Until she actually gets up and leaves, you should keep pushing for the close.

If you did mess up the last 5%, your best bet is to try to get her out as soon as possible again (as if you never even went on the first date). But next time, don't mess up the last 5%! ;)

Hope this helps, fellas.

Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase,
Found your website last week and love it. The last 5%, hmm. I attend university and met this girl from one of my classes. Though I was attracted to her I never made a move because we both were in relationships. I decided to flirt with her online during the vacation and made my intentions known.

She ended up at my place after some persistence on my part. By this time we had gone out a couple of times and I was touching her and she seemed comfortable more or less. When she came I ensured that I moved as fast as I could however, kissing was a no-no for her since she is paranoid about STIs and the like. She's also "morally just" and insisted that we can't do this because it's wrong and clearly wanted to cry (genuinely).

With little clue what to do I stopped before I began to escalate physically again, touching everywhere through her clothes before tears came again. I'm thinking that maybe she loves her dude. I remember in one of your posts that this is something to avoid if that's the case but just still wanted some clarification on the situation I've outlined. Would be welcome.

hilliard.matthew's picture

Beautiful article... I have been trying to understand this phenomenon you call " the last 5%" concept myself recently. I have to really want it to push through the last 5%. Sometimes it feels like I did 95% of the effort just to see if I could close if I really wanted to. I probably shouldn't make the effort if I'm not really that interested, and yet it has helped me learn the ropes better than anything else could.

But when there is a vixen that I honestly desire, that's when I act with pure intent. Then the concern is that I might try too hard because I really want it. The intent has to be there, but at the same time the High Value/Low Effort vibe must remain intact. My success rate with high quality women is where I am trying to improve.

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