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How to Get What You Want (with Women and Life)

how to get what you wantEver find yourself wondering how to get what you want?

When was the last time you did something that was clearly not in your best interest?

Don’t worry, we all do it sometimes… In fact, most people do it A LOT:

  • We go on a diet, and then order a pizza the next day.
  • We sign up for a gym, pay the membership for a full year and then stop going after a month.
  • We set a financial goal, and then never seem to get around to starting that business.

Do any of these sound at all familiar?

Why does this happen?

I mean, it’s not like it’s hard to figure out HOW to do these things… as Tony Robbins says, “We know what to do.”

Yet for some reason, we always feel caught and smile the smile of recognition when Robbins adds: “…but we don’t do what we know!”

What would it do for you, if you could take control of your own behavior and DO what you know will ultimately improve your life? If you suddenly found yourself with the power to get what you want? How much better would your love life be… how much more money could you earn… and how much better would you look in the mirror?

Ricardus DominoAbout the Author: Ricardus Domino

Ricardus was one of the most prolific and respected coaches in the men’s dating advice industry. He’s dated some of the planet’s most beautiful women, ranging from a Miss World contestant, to a model for Coca-Cola, to one of “Brazil’s Next Top Models.” His specialty is daytime street stops. He is most remembered for his “Are you single?” opening line. Ricardus is currently retired from the dating advice industry.

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R!'s picture

Decent post. Whenever I experience my brain sending out emotional barriers to talking to women, I'll usually appeal to my logical side. I'll tell myself, I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. So therefore there is no reason for me NOT to go up to her.

Also, on "Conning Your Own Brain, Part Deux", it seems like you're not following the fundamentals very well. You are going up to her, making eye contact first, and talking first, and with words that seem to lack confidence.

I can see how this article would improve beginners who have little confidence to begin with, and are just getting their start. Once you can overcome approach anxiety, you'll make bounds and strides in your learning.

Anonymous's picture

This reminds me of a certain rockstar who was epic and badass and pulled all the bitches from every direction simply by shutting off his brain and doing the most "dangerous" shit until it was either over or he was right in the middle of sex. That awesome man was Jim Morrison, who didn't lie to his brain as much as he developed a disorder that made him volatiley impulsive. Anything he wanted on a whim he went for, regardless of what would happen next. Sometimes it was good (he'd get drinking buddies, amaze friends with stunts, or pull a bitch off a stripper pole so she could start dancing on his pole;) other times it landed him in jail or passed out drunk in some strangers yard. He used a logical idea, that nothing happens the exact same way twice, and used that to justify his ballsy actions. He started it, as he put it, as a social experiment just to see how people would react to random, planned, or otherwise out of the ordinary things. He never had a thought that it could turn ugly, or wonderful, he was just doing it to see what happens. That's a great place to start. Go up to a girl and do something out of the ordinary, maybe with bravado (Jim always wanted to be an actor, and actors usually use gushing movements to convey emotion in a way minor movements wouldn't get across) and just see where it takes you. She could be receptive (be willing to kiss you after your third sentence) or she could be completely offended (in which case you can choose to make matters worse or get the hell out. What do you think a guy like Jim would have done? -.-) You also may want to do these things drunk or high (though not recommended if you can't handle your shit in front of a cop or can't afford to spend a nite in jail) as being in an altered state of mind makes it easier for you to tell your brain to shut the hell up and come along for the ride. Jim didn't give a good goddamn what happened to him (probably due to his fascination with death) and saw life as something you can never play safe even if safety is what you want. Many things could have happened to him, as well as to you, but the important thing is to indulge regardless of what could happen. Seriously though, compared to him what kind of shit could you get into? He once got arrested in Vegas and pissed on a police officer forgetting or not even caring that back then they had the extra legal right to kill you if they wanted. Luckily his friend's girl bailed them out. If its your time to go, its your time and if it ain't, luck will follow you all the way. So be more like Jim; shut off your thinking (even when it could save you), indulge in everything with an impulsive behavior, and it probably doesn't hurt your cause if you're a bigger than life rockstar who fronts a killer band and can get groupies on a whim (groupies made up only a portion of Jim's sex intake. He really would rather have gone for a girl he saw and liked than have some random bitch come up to him)

Thom's picture

I am a self-proclaimed invalid when it comes to dating or asking girls out...
Recently I started dating a girl 12 years younger than me. I saw her at the bar and needed to say something. It wasn't so much that she was attractive, is that you can feel when someone just wants a decent conversation. So I struck one up. Acting goofy, but still in control. When it came time to get her number, I didn't ask her out to a movie, I told her we were going out for a movie and she better choose one or it's going to look silly looking at a blank screen.

It worked.

We playfully bantered about each other's tastes in movies. And eventually went out.

A few dates later I was curious as to why she had gone out with was b/c as this poster had mentioned, there was no hesitation. She felt that she had my attention. I NEVER gave off a vibe that we were just going to be friends. And it was a CLEAR CUT DATE.

Be direct. Be clear. Women love some guy to take charge and be a leader. They're sick of dudes who would rather let them take charge. What happens then?

This girl LOVED that I made plans. I told her what was going to happen. And she complied. Being subservient in a romantic way, is actually sexy. So, my fellow dateless don't have to be a "bad boy" or a "jerk" just be a man women will follow.

shikhar's picture

Nice post chase....I now can hardwire my brain accordingly to ur strategy..

LoverBoy's picture

Shikhar, this post is written by RICARDUS.

Anyway, Great post!

Anonymouss's picture

I want to leave my current (and first) (and VIRGIN (writing this makes me Feel shameful )) girlfriend of two years.

..because I want to TALK !
And she is a totally feminine bimbo who just can NOT TALK INTELLIGENTLY.


Because she is SO totally vulnerable and emotionally naked in front of me that I FALL IN LOVE WITH HER EVERY TIME I TRY TO INITIATE A BREAKUP AND SHE STARTS TO CRY.

I am sabotaging my success in life SOLELY to remain at her level of intelligence.
She MUST go.

Am I making some wrong assumptions ?

dave   mccutchen's picture

what kind of things do I talk about after approaching a woman.

like for instints what kinds of stuff do I talk about besides complimenting her on her eyes and her hair and her asking her what do you on your job and how do you like your job thoese kind of questions

dave mccutchen

Anonymous's picture

be more spock

jumok93's picture

I LOVE this article!!!

Thanks so much, Richardus!

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