How to Find the Woman You Most Want: A 10-Step Process | Girls Chase

How to Find the Woman You Most Want: A 10-Step Process

Chase Amante

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A comprehensive overview of all the steps you need to take to find the girl of your dreams; a great starter article for someone new to Girls Chase.

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 01:26


Many a man's search to secure for himself the woman he most desires ends in disappointment; unable to get the girl of his dreams, he settles for someone a little less beautiful, a little less intelligent, a little less charming, a little less ideal than he imagined he ever would.

She's good enough, he tells himself... but in the back of his mind, he always wonders if he could've found her had he kept looking; that perfect woman for him.

how to find a woman

It's a large part of the reason so many men in the West drag out their relationships into these extended courtships now, with no real direction or purpose. And when you ask them where their relationships are headed, as a friend; whether they are going to stay with this girl or marry her, even after they've been with her for two or more years, they only tell you, "I don't know."

If she was their DREAM girl, they'd know then, though. They'd tell you, "Yes," of course, and they'd tell it to you in a heartbeat.

But where do you even begin looking for a girl like that? And how do you get her, when there's so much competition out there looking for a girl like her, and so few girls who are like her themselves?

That's what this post is about; on how to find the woman you most want. I'm going to show you why most men - and most women - never really find the person of their dreams, what paths you must be willing to take if you truly want to find yours, and what the 10 steps are that will ultimately lead you there... to her.

Note: for guys who've been reading this site for a while, much of this will be review. However, you might find interesting the notes on settling - that hasn't been discussed as much. In any event, read on...

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

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