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How to Date in a World War

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dating during warAs the world slips toward Armageddon, you’ll need to be prepared to keep meeting women during wartime. Here’s the ultimate guide to do just that.

Today, martial spirit is rising throughout the Western world.

Following Russia's entry into the 8-years-long Ukrainian civil war on the side of the Eastern Ukrainians, jingoistic anti-Russian sentiment has exploded throughout the West. 74% of Americans support a no-fly zone over Ukraine in support of Western Ukraine, which would require NATO to shoot down Russian aircraft over the country, inevitably plunging the United States, Western Europe, and much of the rest of the world into a third world war.

Once the nukes start flying and the supply lines crumble, and the draft begins to conscript soldiers to fill up the undermanned Western militaries, doubtless drawing the entire global north and perhaps much of the south into prolonged, multi-year conflict, privation, and perhaps even nuclear winter, things will change in the modern dating landscape.

Many complicating factors will impact the way you meet women. You will experience too (as always occurs in times of war) dramatic shifts in normal female mating behavior, which may at first confuse you if unexpected.

In today's article, we look at what kind of changes you can expect, and how best to continue bringing new women into your life during a time of global war.

Introducing... HomeDate: The Safe Dating Substitute

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By: Chase Amante

homedateIt’s 2021, and we’re still dating the old-fashioned (and very unsafe) way. It’s time to do things different. It’s time for HomeDate.

I know we're pretty far into the charisma-touch-lifestyle launch right now, but I just couldn't help announcing the progress on the secret 'skunk works' project we've had in the works since mid-last year.

It's just too juicy, and there are too many exciting things happening with it, for me to keep it to myself.

Quick cultural relevance recap: sometime during the Enlightenment, Western society decided its central value was that of liberty. Revolutions occurred, nations bled, and tens of millions lost their lives in pursuit of this ideal.

But recently we've realized liberty is actually a very dangerous concept. It isn't what we thought it was. That's why the new central value of Western society is safety.

All that liberty doesn't do you a whole lot of good when you're lying in the gutter, coughing up blood, dying of coronavirus, does it?

And as society's changed, Girls Chase has been under more and more pressure to change with it.

The fact is, it's not very safe to meet women these days.

You could catch a disease, like coronavirus, bird flu, hepatitis, or SARS.

You could be the victim of a hate crime, such as someone saying something mean to you.

You're forced to endure rejection, rudeness, and other unpleasantries that could lower your self-esteem. Meanwhile you risk inconveniencing others, who may not want your approach.

We have all this new technology progress has brought us.

So why are we still doing dating the old way?

Well, we listened to the market -- which has switched more and more away from bars, nightclubs, parties, and social events (most of which are illegal now in many places, anyway), to, instead, meeting via dating apps (which are now the #1 way people meet new partners, accounting for fully 19% of new relationships) -- and we've listened to our audience, who have increasingly told us we are "not with the times" for focusing so much on outdated in-person dating and not on apps.

I, personally, also realized which direction the market was heading in. And the fact is, you can't fight progress.

So, we went to the drawing board, put our thinking caps on, and cooked up something unlike anything the world's seen before.

We're calling it 'HomeDate', and it's the safe dating substitute that is going to totally change the way you (and everybody else on Earth) does dating and mating.

Why It’s Impossible to Be Cool After College

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college is your only chance to be cool
What’s it like to be cool? If you went to a 4-year college, you might know. But for those of us who were lame in college – or didn’t even go – is there any hope?

There are guys and girls out there who live normal lives, but to their detriment, they have missed out, and are still missing out on key parts of their lives. Anyone who is even the slightest bit aware of their own existence eventually becomes haunted by this fact: that it’s impossible to be cool again after college.

I live in a major city, was lucky to get a six-figure job after college, and found Girls Chase soon enough after school that I was able to meet sexy girls often – but it isn’t enough. All I’ve been able to think about the past few years is why missing out on the social experience of college haunts me. It really gets to me when my friends and coworkers talk about it, at lunch, during drinks after work, and at clubs when I hang out with them: how awesome their college days were, while mine completely sucked. Even now when I have a hot date in front of me, and she inevitably starts talking about how cool college was, it just sucks.

My life, though, was super different than most. I went through the community college and transfer route, and as a consequence, I missed out on dorm life and all that went with it as I chose to save money and focus on studying. By the time I entered my alma mater in junior year, a great school with a great name, I had realized all the social hierarchies had already formed, and I never had enough time to break in. Now I am heading into my late 20s, and I’m still haunted by what I missed out on.

It made me realize something – that college is THE time to be cool, and it’s pretty much hopeless to get anything else resolved in a guy’s life if he misses out on being cool in college.

The Easiest Venue in the World to Get Laid At? You Must Think Outside the Box

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nursing home seductionIn order to succeed with women, a man has to get out there and meet some. Although we can learn all we want by reading, at some point, in order to win something in the game, a man has to step out into the world and walk the walk.

We’ve discussed a lot about different locations and venues that are good for meeting women. Whether you’re a day or night gamer or use some kind of online service like Tinder, Bumble, or OkCupid, venues can be difficult to master. A growth-oriented man must go out and put in the effort and time to find, approach, attract, and hook women… then extract them to a seduction location. Overall, this basic strategy has been working for men for centuries. But some venues and locales are just easier to navigate than others.

Today I’m going to share the most exclusive and undiscovered locale I’ve found since discovering the seduction community. You can find all kinds of women here – in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

Before we really get into it, I need to quickly talk about the age thing. You may have realized the delights of older women but capped your interest with girls who are 5 or 10 years your senior. A lot of guys have come to love these “cougars,” as they’re commonly known. And believe it or not, there is a whole other spectrum of women out there just waiting to be taken into your bed. All of them have been young, and they can all teach you a thing or two about the horizontal mambo. Sure, if you’re out to make babies, you’ll need a younger gal – but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about getting all the sweet vag you can handle.

And the venue I’m about to drop on you is a place where you can find women who love being around you and will accept you for who you are; they’ll listen to virtually everything you have to say and will follow your lead with little effort. These are women with whom you can create unforgettable sexual experiences.

And that place, dear readers, is nursing homes.

Before you freak out, we’re going to work to free you from your limiting beliefs around age and sexiness. And we’re going to show you why overlooking this incredible venue is one of the ultimate rookie mistakes – one few truly veteran seducers make.

I will be covering my personal secret hotspots and some raunchy pickup lines that would make grandma wish she didn’t have arthritis.

As soon as you wrap your mind around the idea and liberate yourself from the constraints of age, nursing homes are an undiscovered mecca. There you can find and create harems as large as you like.

Seduction Spotlight: Ted Mosby

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ted mosby
Ted Mosby represents a different kind of seducer. He uses expert level dating skills to appear “nice” – and slip right below girls’ radars.

For my second stab at Seduction Spotlight (read my first one to get a feel for how this works), I decided to get a bit more romantic (but definitely not any less pimpin’) and cover one of my favorite characters, from one of my all-time favorite shows: Ted Mosby of How I Met You Mother.

In this article, we’ll cover Ted’s ultra-unique pickup style, how he runs his dates, how he manages relationships, and even his taste in women.

If I make any references to some episodes and scenes that don’t have any linkable videos, go on Netflix and look for the episodes referenced there (I assume you have an account, considering how often you try and Netflix & Chill dem hoes).

Introducing GuysChase.com

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GirlsChase.com opened up for business in 2008. We pretty quickly revolutionized the digital dating advice scene by providing a place filled with condensed curated content where men could come and learn everything they needed to know about doing better with the opposite sex.

Over the years, we’ve covered things like how to text girls, how to ask women out, how to reach intimacy on the first date, and even how to make girls orgasm (and pretty much half the lay reports I read on the forum now mention a guy using adapted missionary and the girl cumming a few times, it seems like).

However, at this point, most of the low-hanging fruit is gone. All the big subjects are covered, and there’s not much more the other authors or I can say that we haven’t already discussed. A lot of it at this point is covering nuances and basics and more niche subjects, with the occasional “Why didn’t we cover that years ago” topic popping up here and there.

There’s one major area we’ve had folks asking us about for years though, that we’ve never covered, and that’s this: dating advice for women.

So, us being the perpetual wanderers that we are, that’s where we’re going next.

Introducing the New Girls Chase Roster

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About a month-and-a-half ago, I put out a call for new writers for the site. We received volumes of promising and talented submissions – so much so that my email became completely backlogged (and I’ve only just recently carved through it all) and the team and I spent a lot of time reading and rating submissions from prospective writers.

The good news: we’ve got some truly talented folks joining the roster now, to help “pick up the slack” since my retirement from active-duty writing.

new hires roster

Today, I’d like to provide you with some brief intros for new members of the team, and a quick summary of articles we expect to see from them over the coming weeks and months (subject to change, of course).

Why "Moving Slow" is the New Moving Fast

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In the ongoing sexual arms race between men and women, the strategies for securing the highest caliber mates the most reliably are under constant evolutionary pressures. What that means for you is that as women get more accustomed to a certain kind of approach, that approach stops working, and certain other approaches must come to the fore.

Of course, as everyone knows, there’s nothing new under the sun, and just as what was new becomes old, what was old becomes new, in the ever-repeating cycle of life and love.

move slow

So it may surprise you to find out that, while the mantra of this site has been “move fast” since its date of conception, the times have changed, and in order to keep up with those changing times, we’re changing our tune too.

Because, you see, moving fast is so 2000s.

These days, moving fast is the old moving slow... and moving slow is the new moving fast.

Top 7 Countries to Pick Up Women in 2013

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There's nothing worse than planning a vacation or a semi-permanent change of locales, only to get there and find you've picked a spot that's no-go for meeting attractive new women: either there aren't many attractive young women, or the women who are there are closed to meeting new people / foreign men.

Therefore, to assist with your trip planning in 2013, we've put together a list - part shrewd detective work, part advice from several sources that will go unnamed - of the top seven (7) travel destinations in 2013 for men looking to meet new women.

Let's dive in.