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The Easiest Venue in the World to Get Laid At? You Must Think Outside the Box


nursing home seductionIn order to succeed with women, a man has to get out there and meet some. Although we can learn all we want by reading, at some point, in order to win something in the game, a man has to step out into the world and walk the walk.

We’ve discussed a lot about different locations and venues that are good for meeting women. Whether you’re a day or night gamer or use some kind of online service like Tinder, Bumble, or OkCupid, venues can be difficult to master. A growth-oriented man must go out and put in the effort and time to find, approach, attract, and hook women… then extract them to a seduction location. Overall, this basic strategy has been working for men for centuries. But some venues and locales are just easier to navigate than others.

Today I’m going to share the most exclusive and undiscovered locale I’ve found since discovering the seduction community. You can find all kinds of women here – in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

Before we really get into it, I need to quickly talk about the age thing. You may have realized the delights of older women but capped your interest with girls who are 5 or 10 years your senior. A lot of guys have come to love these “cougars,” as they’re commonly known. And believe it or not, there is a whole other spectrum of women out there just waiting to be taken into your bed. All of them have been young, and they can all teach you a thing or two about the horizontal mambo. Sure, if you’re out to make babies, you’ll need a younger gal – but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about getting all the sweet vag you can handle.

And the venue I’m about to drop on you is a place where you can find women who love being around you and will accept you for who you are; they’ll listen to virtually everything you have to say and will follow your lead with little effort. These are women with whom you can create unforgettable sexual experiences.

And that place, dear readers, is nursing homes.

Before you freak out, we’re going to work to free you from your limiting beliefs around age and sexiness. And we’re going to show you why overlooking this incredible venue is one of the ultimate rookie mistakes – one few truly veteran seducers make.

I will be covering my personal secret hotspots and some raunchy pickup lines that would make grandma wish she didn’t have arthritis.

As soon as you wrap your mind around the idea and liberate yourself from the constraints of age, nursing homes are an undiscovered mecca. There you can find and create harems as large as you like.

Varoon RajahAbout the Author: Varoon Rajah

A New York City native, Varoon’s studied under many of the seduction industry’s leading instructors. His specialty is direct day game, where he meets girls on the street, on the subway, and in coffee shops. Varoon is the host for the Girls Chase Podcast, available on iTunes or via SoundCloud.