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Go With Your Gut

Sep Wed,2010

You know more about all this than you think you do. Big difference between experienced guys and inexperienced guys: the experienced ones pay attention to their guts, and heed them.

go with your gut

Acting With Intent

Sep Wed,2010

Lots of men go out to get women to "like" them, and never push hard or drive toward any concrete objective or end point. But to truly succeed with girls consistently, a man must have intent.

act with intent

It's All a Game

Sep Sun,2010

Who's right - the man who takes relationships seriously, and is easily hurt, or the man who laughs them off, but never gets much involved? Both, and neither - it's ultimately all just a game.

it's all a game

The Law of Least Effort

Sep Fri,2010

The Law of Least Effort specifies that the more someone can achieve with the less visible effort, the more powerful and attractive he will appear.

law of least effort

Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Feb Fri,2010

What is it about nice guys that women can't stand? In one word: fear. It's a fear of being truthful about their desires, and a fear of what will happen if they are.

nice guys finish last

Women as Sex Objects: Supercharge Your Game

Mar Fri,2009

If you want one quick, easy tool to add to your toolbox that will immediately help turn you into a more sexual man, you want this: the ability to view women as sex objects to be acted upon.

women as sex objects

Randomness and Success

Dec Wed,2008

Randomness plays a much bigger role in your failures and successes than you might think. The big lesson from this one is this: if you want to hit a lot of homeruns, you need to take a lot of swings.

randomness and success

Picture the Conquest

Dec Fri,2008

Is it possible that merely imagining success can help you to achieve it? Chase believes it is, and he discusses how to use this mental imagery to drive your efforts in collecting wins.

picture the conquest