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Why Can't You Find a Loyal Woman?

Jul Mon,2017

To men, women can seem disloyal… Or at least, not nearly as loyal as men. What’s it take to find a loyal lady anyway?

find a loyal woman

When Girls Bring Up Feminism at the Bar or on Dates

Jul Fri,2017

Girls bring up feminism sometimes at the bar or on dates. But address this wrong, and you either look weak, or get into a fight. What do you do?

when girls bring up feminism

The God and the Goddess: A Theosophy of the Sexes

Jun Thu,2017

Theosophy is the study of divine wisdom. And what can be more divine than the coupling of male with female?

theosophy of the sexes

Why Some Guys Creep Women Out (and How to Easily Avoid This)

May Fri,2017

Girls have guys read too much into things sometimes. Or even chase them around. The result? Women can become oversensitive to “creepy” behavior.

creep women out

Early 20s Women vs. Late 20s Women: What's the Difference?

May Mon,2017

Early 20s women are different from women in their late 20s. How they differ makes a big impact on how you date them (and which age you prefer).

Women Don't Actually Follow Their Own Rules

May Mon,2017

A woman’s rules are never absolute. Often they aren’t even guidelines. Once a man understands this, his entire way of interacting with women changes.

women's rules

5 Reasons Women are Far Dirtier Than Men Are

May Mon,2017

While women present themselves as reserved angels, the truth is they’re naughty little sexual imps – more so than most men.

women are dirty

But the Girls in My Country are Different

Apr Thu,2017

You might think your countrywomen are different. But women are women, whether you meet them in the U.S., Jordan, India, or Saudi Arabia.

girls in my country are different

What is Her Type? Deconstruct Her, and Find Out

Apr Sun,2017

If you want to know what her type is (so you may more easily date her), you’ll have to ask her a few questions, first.

whats her type

Hotter Women are Subtler (and Hook Up Less)

Apr Sun,2017

As a woman’s beauty increases, so too does her subtlety… while her number of sex partners falls. Do you recognize the signs beautiful women give you?

hot women are subtle

Women in the West Now Require More to Arouse

Apr Fri,2017

Over the years, the tactics needed to turn on Western girls have shifted. As sex destigmatizes, subtlety has gone out the window.

western women arouse

Why Won't Women Just Say What They Want?

Mar Sun,2017

Women use ambiguity for three (3) reasons: to expose a man’s true colors, to retain room to maneuver, and to preserve their social reputations.

women won't say what they want

5 Secrets from The Alabaster Girl

Mar Sun,2017

Zan Perrion’s book The Alabaster Girl contains masterful philosophy on women. Here are 5 of its most stand-out points.

alabaster girl

Tactics Tuesdays: How to Gauge Her Openness to Teasing

Jan Tue,2017

Some girls love to be teased. But some girls hate it. You find out who is whom (and how to proceed with each) by gauging her openness to teasing, right up front.

open to teasing

Book Review: The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida

Dec Wed,2016

David Deida’s Way of the Superior Man helps men make their peace with the feminine – and truly understand how men and women fit together.

way of the superior man