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Women's Forgotten Past

Oct 15, 2010

Almost every woman you meet has an entire "forgotten past" of relationships, lovers, and paramours, that most people will never find out about... all because of the terrible fear of judgment.

women's forgotten past

Cracking Tough Cases

Sep 15, 2010

Sometimes you just really want to try and make it go somewhere with some girl it's seemingly stalled out with. When that's the case, here are your 3 reasons why she might be saying "no."

cracking tough cases

What Women Want

Apr 7, 2010

The age old question: what do women want? In an article lauded by men and women alike, Chase Amante expounds on the answer.

what women want

What Women Think About Their Husbands

Feb 4, 2010

Some thoughts on the different regards women hold their husbands in based on experiences having flings with married women.

women think about husbands

Emotional Build-Up: The Right Way to Use Emotions With Your Woman

Dec 17, 2009

An examination of the emotional arc to follow when building the emotions up in an interaction with a woman you've just met (or a story you're about to tell).

emotional build-up

Using Intrigue to Get Girls Chasing You

Mar 26, 2009

Building intrigue with women is a straightforward process - and it all comes down to NOT answering questions too quickly or too easily.

using intrigue with women