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How to ‘Meet Smooth’ and Sweep Women Off Their Feet

Aug 27, 2020

Women dream of being swept off their feet by a sexy stranger. Here's how to set yourself up as the object of her fantasies before you even make eye contact.

how to attract women

Here's Why You Have a Crush on That Girl – And How to Move Forward

Aug 26, 2020

Crushing is the result of inaction. You have a crush on that girl because you never made a move. Want to escape that perpetual “what if” state with her? Here’s how.

have a crush

Tactics Tuesdays: The Easiest Way to Touch Any Part of a Woman

Aug 25, 2020

You can touch a woman on pretty much any part of her body… IF she likes you, she's comfortable with you, and you use this simple technique.

touch any part of a girl

8 Signs of a Seductive Individual

Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

Aug 24, 2020

Seductive people more easily obtain money, power, fame, and sex. What’s the secret sauce, and can anyone increase their seductive powers by using it?


People Usually Choose Mates with Similar Faces

Aug 23, 2020

You may have noticed, but a LOT of couples look really similar to each other, facially. Is there an element of attraction related to facial similarity?

facial similarity attraction

How to Use Misdirection in Your Seductions of Women

Aug 22, 2020

A ubiquitous but under-discussed tool in every good seducer's skill set is the art of misdirection. Let's peek at how you can use misdirection to better seduce the women you meet.

misdirection seduction

Alek's M.O. for Meeting Women During COVID – Plans B and C

Aug 21, 2020

COVID-19 has brought challenges, but there’s always a way to flourish in the dating game. These backup plans will help you keep both of your heads happy.

covid dating

Attention Grabs – Make Girls Think They Invited YOU to Approach

Aug 19, 2020

Your normal go-to openers may be great, but they can be even better if you make her think SHE invited YOU to approach. It’s so easy you can start doing this now!

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5 Ways to Know If You’re Dating a Woman or Just Hooking Up

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By: Tony Depp

Aug 17, 2020

How do you know whether you’re dating a woman or just hooking up? It’s hard to tell sometimes, and this confusion can really foul up whatever it is you have going on.

dating a woman

Do Bad Evil Seducer Men Corrupt Innocent Women?

Aug 16, 2020

Was your pure princess corrupted by a dirty playboy? Does it really even work that way? We explore whether women are innocent doves, ruined by filthy, devilish men.

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Alek's M.O. for Meeting Women During COVID – Plan A

Aug 14, 2020

Here I share my current modus operandi for meeting and sleeping with women during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dating can still be quite lucrative, you just need to adapt.

covid dating

Tactics Tuesdays: Keep Fingering Her (Don't Stop!)

Aug 11, 2020

The easiest way to escalate to sex with a woman is to start fingering her… and then just never stop until your member's inside her.

keep fingering her

Why Men Lose Women: It's Not Hypergamy – It's Something Else

Aug 10, 2020

Many men think women leave them for a Bigger, Better Deal: a richer guy, a better-looking guy, a higher status guy. But hypergamy is not why men lose women. Instead, it's something else.

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15 Grooming Tips for Men Who Want to Look Good

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By: Tony Depp

Aug 10, 2020

Manly does not mean malodorous. Well-groomed does not mean weak. These grooming issues tip the scales between success and failure with women.


Can You Approach 4 Girls Per Day for 30 Days?

Aug 9, 2020

If you can do 4 approaches per day for 30 days straight, you can build some incredible momentum – and get some fantastic new women into your life.

4 approaches per day